PlayStation Plus is Saving Me From Rebuying a Not Great Sonic Game

Sonic Forces and Shadow of the Colossus are free for the month of March

In a move so clearly cross promotional you’d think it had been planned since the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was greenlit, Sonic Forces is one of the two games coming to PlayStation Plus in March.

Forces is the latest 3D Sonic game, and it’s uh…fine. Like, it’s got some of the tightest 3D Sonic platforming, but it’s also bogged down by just a lot of dead weight with Sega’s continued insistence on including Classic Sonic, a version of the character that time travels/dimension hops into modern Sonic’s universe and has missions that play like old side-scroller Sonic games. Then there’s also the Avatar character, which players can customize to their liking and is a neat addition in premise, but their levels are pretty mechanically bloated as well. Also it’s one of the most laughably self-serious games in a series full of self-serious games, framing Sonic and friends as members of a resistance against Eggman who is the leader of a regime now.

But folks, I’m on a bit of Sonic kick right now. After seeing the movie (which is not terrible!), I’ve been revisiting the series in whatever ways I can with the systems I have access to. I bought Team Sonic Racing for my Switch (it’s alright!) then found out Sonic Adventure 2 was on sale for $2.50 on Steam (it’s aged very poorly!) and ended up spending a lot of time raising alien children instead of running real fast.

Sonic Forces might not be great, but it is a 3D Sonic game that lets me briefly play as my boy Shadow the Hedgehog on platforms I own and have in working condition. So it’s only natural that I would be repeatedly looking up how much the game costs on PlayStation Network and searching for information about how well the game runs on Switch while I’m looking for games that scratch the itch the movie gave me. Luckily, I waited long enough that this announcement came before I threw down the cash.

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I maintain a PlayStation Plus subscription to play online, but I very rarely do much with the free games when they come out. Most of the time I even forget to “purchase” them on the PlayStation Store so they’re in my library. I’ve missed out on dozens of free games, usually because I’ve already played them and don’t care to play them again, but laziness is also a probable factor. Pressing like three buttons on the PlayStation App can take a lot out of you sometimes.

Oh, Shadow of the Colossus is also going to be free to Plus subscribers during the month of March, if that’s your jam. It’s widely regarded as a classic of its generation and this PlayStation 4 remake makes it look better than ever and comes with some quality of life improvements, as well.