Songs of Glimmerwick Looks Like a Lovely Harry Potter Alternative

Coming in 2023 from the studio behind Eastshade.

If you’ve been looking for some witchcraft and wizardry, but without the transphobiaSongs of Glimmerwick is an RPG all about going to a magical school and learning how to cast spells with music. Notably, the school in Songs of Glimmerwick is a university, rather than a grade school. So I’ll be free to make a bald, bearded character to do hot wizard shit as.

The game is coming from Eastshade Studios, the team behind 2019’s Eastshade, and the debut trailer looks really charming. It shows both the aforementioned school life, but also some slice of life stuff living with a community of those who rely on magic. This includes gardening, talking to animals and trees in nature, and building your magical skills.

Check out the full trailer below:

In other news:

The full synopsis reads as follows:

The land of Glimmerwick is well known for its university of magic – and as luck would have it, you’re already enrolled! In this woodland fantasy world playing music is the secret to casting spells. Ancient songs make garden work a breeze, and they’re also key to exploring every corner of the island. With your trusty flute and songbook at your side you’ll attend classes and join after school clubs, make friends with classmates and townsfolk, and uncover Glimmerwick’s many oddities and mysteries – all while enjoying a year of seasons, festivals, curses, and witchy hijinks in this peaceful, story-driven RPG.

Songs of Glimmerwick is coming to PC and consoles in 2023, but Eastshade says it can’t say definitively which systems it will launch on just yet.