Somehow There’s One Fewer PS5 Exclusive Than When E3 Started

The Gearbox E3 2021 Showcase didn't show much, but Godfall got some big news.

The Gearbox E3 2021 Showcase was pretty hard for me to watch. Mostly that was thanks to the downright bizarre “Slice of Homeworld” segments the stream cut to between every other presentation. Homeworld 3 was crowdfunded on Fig a while back. Rather than show off the upcoming RTS, published by Gearbox, however, the livestream flashed 3-5 seconds of people talking about how great the first two games were — with factoids like how Homeworld won Game of the Year at IGN and PC Gamer.

You might assume this was buildup to some kind of bigger announcement. Perhaps a trailer! I certainly did. But no, that was it for Homeworld. It was, to put it bluntly, pretty weird.

Most folks watching the Gearbox event probably weren’t there for Homeworld 3, though. They might have assumed there would be a Borderlands movie trailer (instead we got Randy Pitchford play-acting as a Hollywood bigshot for like half the showcase), moreTribes of Midgard (a co-op crafting game announced the other day), and yes, perhaps even Godfall. Most of which provided footage we had already seen elsewhere.

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Actually, Godfall had the most concrete news out of everything shown. New items, weapons, cosmetics, and more will accompany the game’s first major expansion: Fire and Darkness. If you didn’t play Godfall, the game is split into multiple elementally themed realms, and this DLC will take players to one based on fire. Looks like you’ll fight some flame guys and stuff. There’s also a new endgame mode called Lightbringer that will be a free add-on, by the sound of it.

In all honesty, it looks completely fine! Godfall didn’t scratch my particular loot game itch when it launched — nor was I alone on staff — but the devs did mention putting fashion at the forefront of the game. That I do love to see in my Numbers Go Up simulators.

One of the most jarring announcements, however, is that Godfall is coming to PlayStation 4.

The game launched on PC and as a Playstation 5 console exclusive. The move backwards probably makes good business. Far, far more people on a PlayStation 4 or two than can even find a PlayStation 5. But if there’s been another high-profile exclusive jumping back a generation like this, particularly so far after launch, I’ve not heard about it.

Godfall hasn’t been a massive critical success. Even so, it remained one of only a handful of PS5 exclusives since the hardware hit shelves last November. Since then we’ve had Returnal and now Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Most other titles are split between generations — like Godfall is about to become. Players who purchase the PS4 version will also get a free PS5 upgrade. Just in case they manage to refresh the Best Buy website in time to actually by one in the next decade.

Most folks probably won’t malign the loss of Godfall from the Seto Kaiba themed console. It’s just interesting to note that the PS5 technically has fewer exclusives than it did when I woke up this morning. You don’t see an announcement like that every day. Then again, I don’t see much like whatever-the-hell the Gearbox Showcase was.

See you in a Homeworld Slice.


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