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Snow Moon Kayn, Caitlyn, and Illaoi are Heading to League of Legends

The upcoming Snow Moon skins seem to be connected to Blood Moon skin line

Riot just surprise revealed Snow Moon Kayn, Snow Moon Illaoi, and Snow Moon Caitlyn. It looks like the Snow Moon skins are coming to League of Legends just in time to combat the summer sun’s rays. In the Public Beta Environment (PBE) teasers, we also got a quick peek at Ashen Knight Pantheon.

The “Snow Moon” skin line follows the previous “Blood Moon” trend by having lunar-affiliation, but it instead turns the bloody red into a frosty white. Snowflakes and rose petals flow off of the icy animations in each of these Snow Moon skins. The white and red particles create a frosty clash, reminiscent of Runeterra’s mountainous Freljord area. Riot Tiny Bun originally pitched the skin line with Thomas Randby, and they heavily tease a backstory behind Snow Moon skins’ relationship with the Blood Moon skins.

Ashen Knight Pantheon follows in the footsteps of Ashen Knight Pyke, enshrouding the character in faded purple shadows of darkness. It is quite the tonal shift from Snow Moon Illaoi, Snow Moon Kayn, and Snow Moon Caitlyn…

Just a couple of weeks ago Riot teased a similar skin line that plays off another, with “Ocean Song.” The Ocean Song skin line follows the “Pool Party” trend of aquatic, beach-themed outfits for a cool crew of characters. Spritzes of water accompany each cosmetic, and all of the animations include satisfying splashes. Ocean Song Zeri also marks the first skin for Zeri since her launch last January, zap-heads finally won.

Ocean Song Yone features a bubbly, water spirit form. Ocean Song Nidalee transforms into a mermaid-cougar, and Ocean Song Ashe shoots out volleys of sea-infused spears. The skin line also features some goofy, beach-side club recall animations including a breakdancing Zeri, DJ Yone getting silly with it on some turntables, and the idol Seraphine singing her heart out on an aquatic stage.

Even though Patch 12.11 is releasing tomorrow, it will be a little while before we see the Snow Moon Kayn, Snow Moon Illaoi, and Snow Moon Caitlyn in the shop. Realistically, it looks like these skins will drop a bit closer to summer with Patch 12.12 on June 23, 2022.

Patch 12.10 was one of the most massive updates in League of Legends history, with a complete rework of how champion durability works, beefing up even the squishiest of characters. Patch 12.11 arrives tomorrow, about a week after the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational wraps up, and will bring in the void jungler Bel’Veth and (hopefully) the shiny new Ocean Song skins.

[Disclaimer: Both Riot Games and Fanbyte are owned by the same parent company, Tencent.]

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