Skull & Bones Still Exists But Has Been Delayed, Claims Ubisoft

The ship will take longer than thought to come into port.

During today’s Ubisoft financial reports, the French company revealed a number of fiscal year target release dates. Most notably, Skull & Bones, which was announced at E3 2017, has been pushed outside of the current financial year. That means that the ship-to-ship combat game will not release until minimum April 2022 and possibly as late as March 2023, barring any more delays.

The game was shown in a playable state at E3 2018, but has since disappeared from the public eye. In 2018, the Skull & Bones creative director left the studio, which is usually a sign that a game is undergoing major development and focus changes. In November 2020, Ubisoft Singapore’s managing director was removed after multiple reports of sexism, sexual harassment, and bullying were made public by a Gamasutra investigation.

During the financial call, Ubisoft touched on the delay only slightly, saying that “the additional time will allow the team to fully deliver on their vision” before quickly moving on.

In 2020, Ubisoft said the game was set for a 2021 re-reveal. It is unclear if that is still the plan.


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