Sega Seemingly Teasing a Judgment Sequel and Not at All Subtly

This time, Yagami apparently takes to the road.

It’s no surprise that Yakuza games are well-loved. Even when Sega released Judgment, a spin-off that matches the gameplay and tone of the games, they saw remarkably high sales for the game, even despite having to pull it from Japanese shelves for months. So in a way, I kind of appreciate that Sega’s teasing for a Judgment sequel, which seemed inevitable, isn’t really trying to hide anything besides the official confirmation.

On its Judge Eyes (Japanese title) website, a countdown has been going down for a May 7 event, which is presumably a full reveal of the game. In the meantime, Sega has just been posting tweets from the Judge Eyes Remastered account with clips from the game that has not actually been officially announced and honestly it looks pretty cool.

Some of the clips seems to hint that Yagami, the protagonist from the first game, will be heading to Yokohama, the location that makes up a significant portion of Yakuza 7. It’s a bit hard to tell platforms from the clips, but my guess would be cross-gen, similar again to Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

The first Judgment was kind of mired in controversy for its Japanese release, when actor Pierre Taki, who played yakuza boss Kyohei Hamura in the game, was arrested for drug use. This is culturally a big no-no in Japan, prompting Sega to halt sales of the game on PSN and recall physical copies until they entirely recast and recaptured the character with a different actor.

With no current Yakuza game announced yet, the series might take a year off to get Judgment back in the driver’s seat. Either way, we’ll know for sure in about a week, and as someone who quite enjoyed the original, I’d love to see a sequel.