Sega Announces a Plan to Develop a “Super Game”

The Japanese company has big expectations for an unrevealed title.

Recently, as a lot of companies did, Sega gave their yearly financial numbers and guidance for the upcoming year. Usually there’s a little something interesting to gleam from both, but this time, Sega introduced a new term to the arena: Super Game.

Super Game, as Sega describes it, is an unrevealed and unnamed project that the company is publishing and believes it is a key component of their future growth. The game is a first-person shooter being developed by a European developer and they expect it to take 3-5 years to develop, though it’s not clear if that is time-inclusive for any development already done.

In terms of numbers, Sega expects the game to earn them 100 billion yen, or just over $900 million dollars, on its own.

Beyond that, there’s not a ton of details or information on what the game might be, though it’s entirely possible we don’t need them. In 2018, the UK-based Creative Assembly announced a sci-fi first-person-shooter had just started production and they were hiring up to expand the team. Creative Assembly, which is more often known for games in the Total War franchise, was acquired by Sega in 2005.

If that is indeed the Super Game Sega is referring to, then we might not be all that far from a reveal by Sega’s estimated timeline.