Get a Look at Seer’s Abilities in the Apex Legends Season 10 Launch Trailer

We are less than two weeks away from the release of Apex Legends’ Season 10 and developer Respawn Entertainment has finally given us a look at what’s coming. Throughout the past month, players have experienced a number of teasers on both social media and in-game. All of this culminated in a story trailer finally revealing Seer and easter eggs that showcased the imminent destruction of key areas in World’s Edge. While there has been a lot of speculation about what Seer can actually do, today was our first look at this legend’s actual abilities. We also got a brief look at some new World’s Edge locations and the Ranked Arenas mode. You can check out the  “Emergence,” launch trailer revealed today during EA Live below:

Seer is a Recon legend who focuses on tracking down legends. His passive triggers whenever Seer looks down his sights he will get a heartbeat monitor that he can use to get a general idea of where someone is. Seer’s tactical throws out some of his micro-drones, which will chase after targets and reveal their location. Finally, Seer’s ultimate creates a massive dome made of drones that will highlight any enemy running through it. The catch is, if you don’t move or walk slowly then you won’t be revealed. This is a remarkably powerful ultimate, allowing Seer to deliver real-time information to his team and punish mobility legends.

One new addition is the Rampage light machine gun which is the first LMG added into Apex Legends since Season 2’s L-Star. Rumored to take Light ammo, the Rampage could suggest that rumors about the Spitfire becoming a Supply Drop weapon are true. Given the sheer hate for this gun, it would make sense if Respawn Entertainment just put it away from the core loot pool for a bit. One curious feature shown in the trailer is Seer throwing an Thermite Grenade into the gun to power it up. This may function like the Sentinel with Power Cells, allowing for a brief damage boost.

Another exciting feature is Ranked Arena’s mode, which will let people reach Apex Predator (or suffer in Silver) in a new way. Unlike the battle royale mode, this one will be based on a player’s ELO. What this means is, the system will determine your skill level based on your performance and put you against teams of similar skill. There is no split for Ranked Arenas and will feature multiple maps. Players also will need to first compete in placement matches similar to games like Valorant or Overwatch. Once your rank is determined you can start climbing!

Apex Legends Season 10 Emegerence is set to launch on August 3 for all platforms.