They Did It, They Put Sans Undertale in Smash Ultimate

*As a Mii Fighter costume.

During a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate deep dive following today’s jam-packed Nintendo Direct, Ultimate director and face of the series Masahiro Sakurai unveiled the third round of Mii Fighter costumes, which include Goemon, Proto Man, Zero, Team Rocket Grunts, and Sans from Undertale. Each costume is available later today for $0.75 a pop.

As can be seen in the above video, posted to Twitter moments after the reveal by Fanbyte Morning News Correspondent Victoria Rose, people are very excited about Sans Undetale being in Smash.

Sans is, specifically, a costume for Gunner-type Mii Fighters. He’s also the first Mii Fighter costume to come with its own unique song — a remix of his theme song from Undertale, produced especially for Smash Ultimate by Undertale creator and composer, Toby Fox. “Toby has actually visited my house, and we’ve played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate together,” said Sakurai. “He was actually really good! Of all the guests, he was probably the strongest. When we both chose ‘random’ and played, the win ratio was about half and half… or I may have been losing.”

“Put Sans in Smash” is one of those memes that everyone parrots, but nobody ever expects to actually happen. Putting him in as a Mii Fighter costume is a good compromise, since it satisfies both the actual Undertale fans and the meme lords, without Nintendo having to create a whole new character. And the barrier to entry is so low that even if you are in it just for the meme, you’re still probably willing to fork over 75 cents.

I kinda feel bad for the other Mii Fighter costume characters that were revealed ahead of Sans, since he 100 percent stole their thunder. Goemon, for instance, is a Konami character that’s been around since 1986 and has appeared in over 20 of his own games. Most of those games never made it stateside, and there hasn’t been a new entry in the Goemon series since 2005, but I’m sure there’s probably someone out there who still cares about Goemon a whole lot, so good for them!

Today’s announcement also included Proto Man, who debuted in Mega Man 3 on the NES in 1990. If you’re unfamiliar with Mega Man Lore™, Proto Man is another robot created by Dr. Light, and is Mega Man’s much cooler older brother. Proto Man’s arrival is heralded by his trademark flute melody, and over time his bright yellow scarf morphed from a simple adornment to basically a cape, and then back again. In Japan, where Mega Man is known as “Rock,” Proto Man is called “Blues.” Most Mega Man characters have music-themed names in the original Japanese, in fact, but for some reason Roll is the only character who brought her’s to the west.

Zero, meanwhile, is another longtime fan favorite, and I’d wager that more than a few people are disappointed that he isn’t a fully fledged new character. As the Proto Man analogue of the Mega Man X series, Zero is a Reploid created by the late Dr. Wily. His primary differences are that he’s not X’s brother, and he’s got a dang laser sword instead of a blaster. Still, his beautiful flowing blonde hair mirrors Proto Man’s yellow scarf, as does his overall color scheme.

And finally, you too can join the ranks of Team Rocket with today’s newly announced Team Rocket Mii Fighter costumes. It’s kind of a bummer that these costumes put you in the dark-soled boots of your standard Team Rocket infantry grunt, rather than Jessie or James, but maybe that’s an indication of things to come? Or not? Probably not? But maybe??