Saints Row Reboot Teased for Gamescom

The Saints appear to be on their way back with a new game.

Saints Row, a series that began life as Grand Theft Auto with a comedic edge, eventually went off the rails in good and bad ways. By the end of the fourth game, the third-street Saints were an unstoppable superpowered force that could travel through time. There is nowhere that a hypothetical Saints Row V could have picked up there, so there were obviously some fundamental questions when developer Volition confirmed the game in August 2019 on their Twitter.

But now it appears that the next Saints Row game is going to be a reboot of the series and will be announced at the upcoming Gamescom opening night show. Both Geoff Keighley, the host of the show, and the Saints Row Twitter account teased the appearance and not at all subtly.

There’s a group of people who dislike the Saints Row series after the second game and feel like it needs to return to the more grounded Saints Row 2 for any new games. This is a totally valid opinion! It’s also one I don’t really agree with. I feel like the series only really became interesting with Saints Row the Third and, while I agree that a spiritual sequel to Crackdown may not have been the ideal direction, I am not sure the world really needs another Saints Row 2.

But it’s very likely the world is going to get one, because there’s really nowhere else to go after Saints Row 4.

Gamescom Opening Night airs August 25 at 11AM PT.