Someone Just Hit Conqueror Rank on Almost Every PUBG Mobile Server

Playing it for a living helps, of course.

Most of us can only ever dream of hitting Conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile. It’s the upper echelon of the ranking system in Tencent’s popular Battle Royale title. Reserved for only the best players, it takes skill, patience, strategy, and impeccable reflexes to hit. But while most of us are hindered by our own lack of expertise (or a few dozen hackers climbing the ladders) content creator Rollexxx (commonly called just Rolex) has managed the feat not just once, but five times in one season, becoming the first player to ever hit Conqueror on all but one of the game’s six servers.

With 261,000 subscribers to his name, hitting Conqueror in a single server isn’t a major achievement for Rolex. He’s done it many times before: 10 times across 12 seasons, in fact, only missing a few due to tournament commitments. When playing PUBG Mobile becomes your job, you’re bound to put in the hours necessary to reach that level of skill. But when proving you’re one of the best around becomes second nature, what is there left to aim for? Tackling the feat on other servers, of course.

Like most multiplayer titles, PUBG Mobile hosts multiple servers spread across distinct regions of the world: EU, NA, Asia, etc. Not only is the competition and strategy starkly different on each—like Gold rank in one region equating to Bronze in another in terms of skill level—but network latency differs greatly, too. Your proximity to the server you connect to plays a big part in how responsive the game feels. Connect to a server far away from your own location and you’ll notice your actions take longer to register. It’s a technical blight that’s incredibly detrimental to a game that relies on fast fingers and precise aim.

On his home NA server, 60 milliseconds of ping was the norm. Even just connecting to South America saw a stark jump to around 200ms ping. On EU, Rolex had to deal with 260ms of network latency on average—though it did skyrocket to 426ms when he attempted to make a point of it. It’s possible to adjust your playstyle to deal with slightly higher ping over time, but when volatility can have it swing wildly in either direction at any given moment, it’s easy to imagine the patience needed even commit to climbing the ranks of another server.

Despite the obvious limitations — of which the new rule of only being able to switch servers once every 60 days didn’t help — Rolex hit the milestone on March 7, cementing himself as a top-tier player on almost every available server. He even managed some stellar stats, too. With hackers and cheaters often climbing the ranks of PUBG Mobile‘s leaderboards, checking out publicly available stats has become a way for players to cast doubts and make accusations against others. By pulling off an incredibly impressive 40 kill/death average on his quest to rule the EU roost, Rolex’s final video on the matter makes a point that his final figures do look like that of a serial cheater.

The average player won’t manage a 22.6 percent headshot average like Rolex, that’s for sure. And with a whopping 96.4 percent Top 10 Finish Rate after 276 matches (and an eye-watering 87 percent win ratio) his final journey to the top of the EU server didn’t even sound like a struggle. So what did he get for the trouble? A little trophy emoji from the PUBG Mobile Twitter team. Put that on your shelf, Rollexxx.

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