Rocksteady Finally Confirms its Long-Rumored Suicide Squad Game

The game will be unveiled at DC Fandome event.

Five years since its last release of Batman: Arkham Knight, Rocksteady has confirmed that it’s developing a Suicide Squad game.

The studio announced it with the smallest of teasers on its social media accounts. The post includes a piece of art of what looks like Superman with a logo made to look like a reticle on the back of his head, along with confirmation that we’ll see the first look at whatever the game is at DC’s Fandome digital event on August 22.

According to previous reports from Eurogamer, the game will involve the Suicide Squad fighting the Justice League, but whatever it is that is shown at DC Fandome will be “very little,” as the game is still a ways away from launching. Notably, according to Eurogamer’s report, the game will be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Suicide Squad is one of multiple game-related projects being teased ahead of Fandome, including Warner Bros. Montreal’s long-rumored Batman game, which was hinted at almost an entire year ago on the studio’s social channels before going basically silent. The Injustice series seems to also be coming back in some form, as the writer behind the comics series has posted tweets indicating a return of the alternate timeline comic series. Whether that includes an accompanying fighting game is unknown at this point, but hopefully we’ll know more on August 22.

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The Suicide Squad brand is going through a bit of an overhaul lately, which is good because we could all use a nice palate cleanser after the first movie in the DC Extended Universe was a big ol’ stinker. But with Jared Leto reportedly out of the movie universe we are at least free of one of the worst parts of that particular film. The sequel (confusingly titled The Suicide Squad, with the “The” being the differentiating factor), which is set to launch in theaters in a year, is being directed by Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, and will see the return of some, but not all, of the original cast. Margot Robbie will be back as Harley Quinn, which I’m excited to see after Birds of Prey really let her shine and put her stamp on that role. Viola Davis is reprising her role as Amanda Waller, as well. However, Will Smith will not be returning to play Deadshot due to schedule conflicts. Idris Elba was brought onto the movie to replace Smith before the decision was made to have him play a separate character so Smith could return for a hypothetical third Suicide Squad movie, or just somewhere else in the DC Extended Universe.

Hopefully whatever The Suicide Squad turns out to be has learned lessons from the DC movies many, many stumbles, and prioritizes character development over making a film universe.


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