Rockstar Pays Fan Hefty Sum for Reducing Grand Theft Auto Online Load Times

The fix reduces load times by several minutes

Grand Theft Auto Online player found a way to reduce the game’s load times by about 70 percent and uploaded the corresponding code for modders to use on GitHub. Turns out, the solution worked so well that developer Rockstar took notice, and is implementing the fix to the live game in a future update.

GitHub user tostercx made the fix public earlier this month after also writing up a breakdown of the logistics. The explanation gets complicated, but the tl;dr of it all is that tostercx (aka t0st) realized Grand Theft Auto Online’s load times were still as slow as when the game launched, and did some tinkering that shortened a six-minute-long load time to about one minute and 50 seconds.

In a statement issued to PC Gamer, Rockstar confirmed the fix t0st proposed will be implemented and made available publicly.

“After a thorough investigation, we can confirm that player t0st did, in fact, reveal an aspect of the game code related to load times for the PC version of GTA Online that could be improved,” the company said in the statement. “As a result of these investigations, we have made some changes that will be implemented in a forthcoming title update.”

t0st said in an update to the original post explaining the situation that Rockstar awarded them $10,000 as part of its Bug Bounty program, which rewards players who discover issues with its security systems. However, the company is making an exception for this fix.

In other news:

It’s unclear at this point what systems this fix will be implemented for. Grand Theft Auto Online is playable on a lot of systems, but the original PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions are no longer being supported with new content. A PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S version is set to launch alongside ports of Grand Theft Auto V later this year.


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