RGG Studio is Developing a Non-Yakuza/Judgment Title

The Judgment series is also under a microscope for further games.

Last month, longtime Yakuza series head Toshihiro Nagoshi departed Sega and shook up the Ryu Ga Gotoku studio, which announced a new Yakuza game was in development to soothe concerns over the future of the studio. At the time, concerns were already brewing over the continuation of the Judgment series due to problems with the lead actor’s talent agency limiting Sega’s ability to port the games to PC.

In an interview with Famitsu, posted by blogger Ryokutya2089 and translated by Gematsu, studio director Masayoshi Yokoyama gave some tidbits about where the studio is heading with new projects. In Yakuza 8, Ichiban Kasuga is once again leading the story set several years after his adventures in Ijinicho from Yakuza 7/Like a Dragon.

Yokoyama stopped short of saying they will also make a new Judgment title, but are eager to do so for any game “if circumstances permit.”

Additionally, the studio is working on a title that is not in the Judgment or Yakuza series. This is being reported elsewhere as a new IP, but that’s not necessarily the case, as RGG Studio has dabbled in other titles before. In 2018, the studio released Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise, which borrowed Yakuza’s structure for a licensed title. The last new IP the studio made before Judgment was Binary Domain in 2012, a woefully misunderstood shooter that heavily weighed split-second decisions to determine major narrative beats. It is unclear which direction Yokoyama is referring to here.

Regardless, we’ll probably see more of Yakuza 8 sometime next year, if the usual December-release pattern for Yakuza games in Japan holds. If you’re trying to figure out where in the series you want to hop in, we have a handy guide for you, especially since most of the titles are now on Game Pass.


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