RFM Looks Like a Tactical Alternative to Action-Oriented Roguelites

Sometimes you'd rather do roguelite runs on a grid.

During GameSpot’s Play For All event today, Mexico-based studio Bromio revealedĀ RFM, a tactical roguelite that I think might scratch the itch HadesĀ didn’t for me last year.

The game has a lot of your standard roguelite fair in terms of multiple runs repeating encounters and levels with new builds, essentially throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks. But all of it is within the format of a tactical, grid-based system. As such, RFM gives me more chance to plan and execute plays in a way that appeals to me more than the action-driven mechanics of roguelites like Hades. I get the appeal of that game from several angles. It’s gorgeous, its freedom in playstyles gives everyone a different favorite weapon, and yeah, everybody’s hot. We even gave it our Game of the Year award last year. But when I had so much else to play, getting through different runs in an action-oriented setup meant I was more prone to mistakes that would cost me a run and swaths of my time. That’s part of the appeal, but if I’m going to be punching through a wall until it breaks, I think I’d just prefer a more strategic setup. So RFM is already speaking my language.

In other news:

Check out the reveal trailer below:

RFM is launching on PC, and consoles, but specifics on which are still unclear at the moment.


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