Returnal’s Latest Update Adds Photo Mode and Loop Suspension

Now you can stop a loop and pick up where you left.

Returnal was a game that largely passed me by when it launched on PlayStation 5 back in April, but the latest update for the game makes it sound like now would be the optimal time to get into Housemarque’s time loop action game, as the game will now allow you to suspend a loop and come back to the game later.

This comes as part of Update 2.0, which brings two major changes to Returnal today, October 26. The option to suspend a loop does come with some caveats, as it can only be done once per loop, and there are certain states that you can’t suspend during. According to the PlayStation Blog, this will include: “boss battles, cinematics, first-person sequences or during intense combat scenarios.” That last one is frustratingly non-specific, but developer Housemarque says this feels like an effective middle ground in keeping with the “roguelike spirit and ‘high stakes’ commitment” of the game’s structure, and just letting people play the way they want in a way that is accommodating and convenient.

The other major update that comes alongside the suspend feature is the addition of Photo Mode, which every video game can benefit from. The showcase seen in the update’s trailer shows a pretty extensive wealth of editing options, though there will be some limitations like not being able to activate it during first-person sequences.

You can see both of the new features in motion in the trailer below:

In other news:

Housemarque and Sony had a pretty consistent working relationship for a few years with PlayStation exclusives like Resogun, Alienation, and Matterfall all being published by Sony. This eventually culminated in Housemarque being acquired by Sony, now operating under the PlayStation Studios banner as of this past June.


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