Titanfall Developer Respawn Calls Out Titanfall Developer Respawn Over Titanfall Development Possibilities

Prepare — or maybe don't! — for Titanfall

God, Titanfall 2 was such a good game. It’s almost criminal how much the 2016 first-person shooter, the first in the series to have a single-player narrative campaign, was overlooked by audiences. It makes sense that developer Respawn would shake things up with Apex Legends and Jedi Fallen Order considering, but fans have been long hopeful that another actual Titanfall game would eventually find its way between the bigger successes in Respawn’s portfolio.

“There’s nothing there,” Respawn Community Coordinator Jason Garza said on a livestream reported on by Dexerto. “We’ve got too many other games in the works right now.” You can actually see Garza say this as a direct response to being asked about Titanfall 3 here.

That news is disappointing but not surprising. Apex Legends is massively successful, a Jedi Fallen Order sequel is in the works, and the Internet’s Jeff Grubb reports that there’s a third game being worked on at Respawn that isn’t Titanfall. Resources are finite, I get it. Where it gets weird is that Respawn has publicly denounced the suggestion that Titanfall 3 isn’t happening.

Which, sure! It makes sense to reiterate that the franchise isn’t dead, there could be a new Titanfall game in the future. The line “Contrary to what some folks are reporting” is real damn confusing, though, because the reporting came from Respawn. It’s a direct quote from the person whose job it is to supply direct quotes as official communique from the company.

At the end of the day, Titanfall is in the exact same place it was a week or a month or a year ago: indefinite. But Respawn trying to imply this was some out-of-context report and not a thing that came directly from them is in and of itself strange. Don’t pass the buck.


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  1. My brain is just so done with this situation. I just want to play funny wall running game with giant mechs. Is that too much to ask?

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