Report: PlayStation Pursuing a Multi-Tier Game Subscription Service

A possible Game Pass-style competitor leveraging PlayStation's legacy titles is seemingly in the works.

In the ongoing console war, which is not a war but a lot of people seem to act like it is, one of the key differentiators between the Xbox and PlayStation ecosystems is Microsoft’s emphasis on services like Game Pass versus Sony’s alternatives of PSNow and PS+. On the two PlayStation consoles the two services exist separately, but according to a new report by Bloomberg may soon be merged into a larger multi-tier subscription service that resembles Game Pass in some ways.

The report details a new service which is currently codenamed Spartacus that merges the current PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services, both of which are paid subscriptions, into a larger brand across PS4 and PS5. The first tier Bloomberg describes after seeing internal documentation most closely resembles PS+, which would introduce a few cultivated games a month which must be claimed in the month they’re available. The next tier is more similar to Game Pass, which would have a library of titles to pick from from both the PS4 and eventually PS5. A third possible tier would add on legacy content, such as PlayStation 1, 2, 3, and PSP titles.

It’s important to note that, according to Bloomberg, none of this has been finalized. It is also not clear if these latter two tiers would leverage PSNow’s streaming technology or would all play natively on the consoles. Bloomberg also points out that it’s unlikely that Sony’s big marquee first-party titles would appear on the service day one.

Competition in the services space should hopefully lift all boats by forcing everyone to fight for consumer dollars. It will be interesting to see what PlayStation does with the idea and if Xbox’s hard policy of first-party titles appearing on their service from launch still makes a major difference.

[Source: Bloomberg]