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Report: Nintendo Remastering Super Mario Games for 35th Anniversary

New games, like another Paper Mario, are also in the works.

According a report from Video Game Chronicle, Nintendo’s got some big plans in the works for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

The site says that it has heard from multiple sources that the company is going to be remastering “most of Super Mario’s 35-year back catalogue this year” for the Switch to coincide with the jumping man’s 35th birthday. The specificity of the Super Mario label implies this will be most of the mainline platformers in the series, from the 2D platformers like the original Super Mario Bros. to 3D platformers like Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel.

Along with this grandiose remaster plan, VGC says Nintendo is also planning on releasing new Mario games this year, as well, including a new entry in the Paper Mario RPG series, which was last seen on the Wii U in 2016 with Paper Mario Color Splash. The series has yet to appear on the Switch, but it sounds like it will finally get its chance in 2020.

Eurogamer also released a report that backs up much of what VGC’s report says, with a few more specifics included. According to its sources, among these plans is a Deluxe Edition of Super Mario 3D World, one of the few Wii U games that has, as of this writing, not made its way to the Switch. This would account for one of two Wii U games Nintendo is rumored to be bringing to the Switch in 2020, so hold onto hope Star Fox Zero fans.

While the new Paper Mario is confirmed by both outlets, there will apparently be “several other Mario titles” in 2020. So if Paper Mario is not your jam, there might still be something coming set in the Mushroom Kingdom for you yet.

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Whatever Nintendo is planning, this does mean that the Mario series has something coming in 2020, which has been a relatively quiet time for the franchise up until now. Even on Mario Day (March 10), the major announcement of the day wasn’t in a new game, but instead was a Lego set featuring characters and environments from Nintendo’s star franchise. But it’s no ordinary Lego set, it’s actually a kind of level maker, featuring a battery-powered Mario that recognizes when he stomps on enemies.

Last year had its fair share of Mario games, however. Along with Super Mario Maker 2 bringing the level making subseries to the Switch, Mario Kart Tour brought the kart-racing game to mobile devices. But for those of us who like our Nintendo mascots green and slimy, there was also Luigi’s Mansion 3, which brought us Gooigi and allowed us to reckon with the morality of sucking up ghosts into a vacuum cleaner.

For more on that, check out Fanbyte’s review, as well as some general tips on things the game doesn’t make abundantly clear to you from the outset.

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