Reminder: Your Launch Xbox Series or PlayStation 5 May Have Manufacturing Faults

This is what happens when you get a console at launch.

The Xbox Series X/S is out now and the PlayStation 5 is out tomorrow, and already there are reports of both systems shipping out with some technical issues that will likely require some repairs. As we head into the next generation of consoles, it’s probably best for us to take a moment to remind ourselves that the first wave of of a new console is where you’re going to run into the most technical issues for a console’s lifetime, largely due to the devices being relatively new for manufacturers to assemble, engineering issues no one has caught yet, and tech requiring iteration and testing that can only be achieved after the first units are out in the world. Here’s some issues we’re already seeing with the Xbox Series X/S, and a report that some problems with PlayStation 5 are already showing up for those who have the console early.

As of one day on the market, there have been a handful of Xbox Series X owners reporting issues with the console’s disc drive, which is either making irregular noises when discs are inserted, or just straight up not accepting a disc at all.

Annoyingly enough, in a time where both those who have purchased the console and Microsoft employees are trying to find known issues so they can be dealt with, there is also a fair amount of misinformation and conflicting reports about the Xbox Series X emitting smoke from the vents on the top of the console. As of this writing, there’s been plenty of disputes about whether this is legitimate or faked through means like using a vape and blowing the vapor over the vents to create the illusion that it’s coming from the console. So unless Microsoft acknowledges this is an issue, it’s probably safe to say that your Xbox isn’t going to catch on fire.

In other news:

On the PlayStation 5 side, stories of faulty consoles are obviously less widespread as the box isn’t even out in the public yet, but YouTuber Angry Centaur Gaming has reported that his review console has ceased to function just two days before the system’s launch tomorrow. (Thanks GamesRadar+)

While ACG is working with Sony to alleviate the issue, it is worth remembering before you get your PlayStation 5 tomorrow that you might run into similar issues. Getting a new console can be an exciting time, but you’ve got to be ready for the worst case scenario, and remember that Sony and Microsoft have systems in place for you to either repair or replace your device should these things happen to you. I’ve been lucky enough to have a launch PlayStation 4 that lasted me all seven years of the console cycle, but when I got my PlayStation Vita at launch in 2012, there was dead space on the handheld’s touchscreen, and I had to send it to Sony for repairs. I still have that Vita now, and it hasn’t failed me since.

Let’s all take a deep breath and be ready for whatever issues we might come across in the coming weeks and months. Yeah, it will be disappointing, but when you get a console on day one you’re accepting a level of risk that you might be one of the unlucky ones that gets a faulty console. But remember there are steps to mitigate these issues and you didn’t just waste half a grand on something you’ll never get ot use.