Here’s Everything We Know About PUBG: New State Right Now

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Last week, the idea of a PUBG Mobile sequel being right around the corner set the community ablaze. It was just a rumor, but one with a decent amount of credibility behind it. And while a sequel to the mobile battle royale certainly isn’t going to pop up on your phone in the next day or two, it exists! Not to mention you can pre-register for it right now. PUBG: New State is PUBG Mobile 2 in all but name. It’s as simple as that. Being up for pre-order already, there’s reason to believe it’s far into development, suggesting tests could be taking place relatively soon. Here’s everything we know about PUBG: New State so far: both officially, through the game’s social channels, and speculatively.

When Does Preregistration Close and When Will It Launch?

When it launches. You didn’t think you could just eyeball the final day of preregistration to determine the release date, right? While preregistration opened on February 25 for Android users, there’s no specified end date. Likewise, there’s no sign of when iOS users can do the same, only that it’s “coming at a later date.” In the times of Covid, game development is hard. Krafton is likely keeping a release date close to its chest so as to not disappoint people if development slows and a delay is necessary. There’s no guarantee it’ll even launch in 2021.

When is PUBG: New State Set in the PUBG Universe?

In the past year or so, Krafton has committed to expanding its initially nonexistent in-game PUBG universe. What launched as a groundbreaking battle simulator designed for nothing but competition, its success — and the narrative success of rival games like Fortnite and Apex Legends in its stead — has created a need to use it as a platform to tell a story. The Callisto Protocol was the first newly announced game set in the franchise’s extended universe, but as it’s set centuries in the future, PUBG: New State’s closer 2051 setting will potentially lay the groundwork for that future space adventure.

We could have viewed the prevalence of drones as a sign of a dystopian setting, but given you can see three of them racing at your local park these days, they’re not all that exciting. What does give a little bit more away, though, is certain new vehicles, their interiors, and the Tron-esque sounds they make traveling across the map. Vehicle dashboards still aren’t quite as neon in the real world, so yup. Future.

PUBG: New State Map Size and Details

PUBG: New State will reportedly launch with Troi: An 8×8 map. That’s just as big as Erangel and Miramar. Judging from the prerendered shot above, you’ll have a drastically reduced chance of being pushed onto a bridge — a deadly choke point — by the circle, given there’s only one major bridge in view.

While a 2051 setting isn’t enough for the in-game universe to go full Blade Runner, there are signs that humanity is headed in that direction here. The map itself has more of a rundown west suburbia look as opposed to the Eastern European or Middle Eastern style of current PUBG maps. There’s a postmodern air about it.

PUBG New State content

PUBG: New State New Guns and Vehicles

Leaker and all around information fountain PlayerIGN points out that promo images of the game hint at a few things. While all of the current PUBG Mobile guns likely feature in the new game, they suspect the new yellow crates dropped by drones will contain newer, futuristic weaponry and will potentially be called in by the new Green Flare Gun visible in the shot.

On the combat front, the weapons aren’t looking too futuristic. There’s a deployable shield. That’s neat. Grenade launchers appear to be coming into the wider meta as well, like it or not. Building on the vaulting mechanic, a combat roll action is the next big step in player mobility this time around.

Additional dynamic elements, like vehicle doors falling off when damaged, suggest more destructible environments will be a highlight of the game’s newer tech. Global illumination is mentioned on the Play Store page, so using lighting to upgrade the already comparatively impressive visuals appears to be a major focus.

PUBG: New State pre-order skin

What’s the Pre-Order Bonus?

For signing up to PUBG: New State before launch you’ll net yourself an exclusive vehicle skin. It says it’s only available up until launch, which suggests those who download the game during the initial launch hype won’t get it. Don’t get too comfortable, though. Other games have offered their pre-order bonuses as early adopter bonuses, too, so don’t be surprised if your new skin doesn’t feel all that special on day one. As the game grows, though, it’ll act as a sign that you were there from day one.

Will PUBG: New State Release in India?

No, PUBG: New State isn’t going to release in India. That’s according to the game’s official spec sheet, which excludes China, Vietnam, and India by name. While Krafton has reiterated time and time again that re-releasing PUBG Mobile in India is a priority, the hurdles aren’t easy to overcome. Even with a brand-new game and a brand-new publisher, it’s likely anything with the PUBG branding will face the same issues. Sorry, India. Krafton explained just how much of an unexpected success PUBG Mobile was there, so don’t expect them to stop trying to win over the country’s government.

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