PUBG Mobile’s Third TDM Map Looks Awfully Familiar… Again

It's like an FPS 'Best Of' at this point.

The PUBG Mobile Deathmatch mode is apparently a lot more popular than many of us originally thought. Barely two weeks after getting its second map, PUBG Mobile community leader Ocho let loose to Reddit users that the mode’s popularity has ushered the devs into starting work on a third map. There’s even an early design up for players to give feedback on!

But don’t go thinking the PUBG Mobile dev team can just crank out a brand-new map on a whim. There’s a lot of careful thought and planning that needs to go into a Team Deathmatch arena to ensure it’s fair for players on both sides. That’s why, rather than actually go through this painstaking process themselves, Tencent has borrowed heavily from the design of Killhouse — a popular map from the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2007.

It’s a detail you might have missed from the original post. After all, Ocho makes no mention of the team’s inspiration. But if you played Call of Duty back in the day (or picked up Call of Duty: Mobile for a quick round or two) you’ll notice the striking resemblance in seconds. It isn’t all too surprising when you realize TDM’s newest Ruins map is a butchered down version of one of the most popular FPS maps on the planet, but whether it’s disappointing to see PUBG Mobile pull the same stunt twice or not is entirely up to your own expectations of the game. After all, it’s a classic map for good reason!

PUBG Mobile TDM map 3

Through a quick comparison with the minimaps of both levels, it’s clear Tencent has already taken some artistic liberties with the classic Killhouse design. We can see a couple other points of elevation beyond the two nests at either spawn, the center has been tweaked slightly, and the west side has some kind of tunnel going on. Could it be a vent of some kind? There’s an element of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it here, but it’ll interesting to see how Tencent’s own tweaks ultimately affect the flow of a match.

Tencent did take some artistic liberties with Ruins, too. What was once a dusty town in Counter-Strike became some kind of Aztec temple. And Ocho did specifically say they haven’t decided on a theme yet, suggesting this new map won’t be the warehouse it has been in previous games.

But the idea of taking feedback seems odd, too. If Killhouse has been a proven success in other games, what will the PUBG Mobile community want to see changed? It’s a fairly small map by TDM standards, often used as a free-for-all staple in earlier Call of Duty games, but the 4v4 aspect of PUBG Mobile TDM might be enough to keep it from feeling too crowded this time around.

Either way, whether you agree with Tencent’s decision to lift another game’s map or not, it’s probably coming sooner or later. So if you love a bit of TDM and have some grand idea for the map, let Ocho know through the Reddit post and maybe you’ll have your five minutes of fame.

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