PUBG Mobile Celebrates Its Second Anniversary With A Full-Blown Arcade

Those sounds are somehow less annoying than the Angry Birds event

PUBG Mobile is about to celebrate its second anniversary, and we’ve been given a taste of what to expect for the big event. The specific date is still around a month away, but the game’s typical patch test period means certain players are already experiencing the quirks the big anniversary update is set to bring. There’s likely more to it than what we can see right now, but what we’re seeing right now is pretty cool already.

According to Reddit user TorqueRollz, the new update will include some kind of arcade mode for players to check out. The video shows what appears to be a fairground set up on a beach complete with things like arcade machines and a shooting gallery. The shooting gallery keeps a score on the back wall and the arcade machines offer brief, but playable arcade classic like Galaga and Duck Hunt — albeit obviously unlicensed recreations rather than official versions. These are controlled through the usual onscreen joystick (fittingly styled red for the event), whereas the shooting gallery uses your actual weapon with a blocky scoreboard.

Anniversary Celebration Mode in the new update from r/PUBGMobile

From what we can gauge by the video, the festivities take place on the beach to the west of Hay Farm on Erangel just below Georogpol and Hospital. We can see that 80 players are alive, but none have been killed. This, along with the “Anniversary Celebration mode” text in the bottom right of the screen suggests we’ll queue into this separately rather than it be a spot to fight over mid-match or part of the pre-match lobby window. It wouldn’t be much of a celebration if someone could rain hell upon 30-40 arcade goers just trying to take the edge off — though it would be an impressive score for the anti-social, buzzkill individual.

To give an added sense of authenticity, you’ll need to spend tokens to play the machines. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like we’ll be spending UC for these 10-second bursts of Duck Hunt. Alongside the usual host of guns and stocks littered all over the floor (for the target practice), the video shows Game Tokens being picked up, too. You’ll use one of these per game, and we imagine more will spawn in over time. Just like real life, rather than come together for a good time, you’ll be knocking people down and taking their quarters. Aw!

PUBG Mobile launched back in March 2018, making this time next month its second anniversary. The game launched off the back of the PC original during its own first-year anniversary celebration, beating rival Fortnite to the mobile scene by just a few short weeks. What happened was a battle of the battlegrounds around the world.

News stations and social media were packed with stories of kids being glued to their phones during school hours, and while Fortnite may have ended up the taking more of the overall spotlight over time in the West, PUBG Mobile has seen explosive growth in places like India and Singapore due to their more mobile-focused market.

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