PUBG Mobile Season 14 Could Be Taking Us to the Nile

It's more than just one of the stages of grief.

It looks like PUBG Mobile could be heading to Ancient Egypt. There’s no mention of an Africa server for those troubled by high ping, but if a recent content pattern is to be believed, the massive mobile battle royale app could be turning to Egyptian history for its Season 14 inspiration.

Nothing it set in stone just yet, but with Season 13 due to come to a head in a couple weeks time, leaks have begun to surface. PUBG Mobile has an official invite-only test server that’s always slightly ahead of the live game, and with players messing around over there, a few things pertaining to the next season’s theme have started to trickle out.

While live players are dropping into Sanhok in the hopes of landing in the new Mysterious Jungle, beta players are flying back to the recently overhauled Miramar on the hunt for ancient relics. The newly released 0.19.1 beta includes a checkbox to trigger the “Miramar – Ancient Secret” event map, with a rather curious looking set of floating islands dominating its preview image.

Ok, sure, so when did floating islands become synonymous with ancient Egypt? Moses may have parted the seas, but I don’t remember hearing about this at school. The floating landmass deal isn’t what has spurred the PUBG Mobile community to assume Season 14 is taking a leaf from the pharaoh’s book, but it’s part of the short-sighting equation.

That comes from a few different sources. MobileModeGaming recently reported on the inclusion of a new character called Pharoah Rise from the recent beta. The post includes uncredited screenshots showing what can only be described as a sci-fi Pharoah skin with another shot featuring the same skin in front of a taller (presumably male) versions and hieroglyphs in the background. There’s another shot of what looks like an Ancient Egypt-inspired skin that’s apparently the new female player character, the second since Sara.

The other idea comes from footage of the Ancient Secret event on Miramar. Players rush toward their choice of pyramid (a new inclusion on the desert map) before it lifts off from the ground. While up there, players need to grab loot, solve puzzles, and, if they picked the right one, fend off a serpentine boss and her slippery snake friends.

It’s not really enough to cement the idea that Season 14 is going to be focused on PUBG Mobile‘s artistic take on Ancient Egypt, but it’s a solid indicator of what’s on Tencent’s mind with this one.

If this is what we’re going for, the military stans aren’t going to be pleased. Again. There’s still no shortage of vocal PUBG Mobile players vying for a more traditional season with long pants, more pockets, and well… uniform. But no ghillie suits. No tactical advantages for these gun-totting troops. Progress is progress, but Season 14 isn’t going to be the season we imagined for those who keep screaming for more realism in their Japanese high school movie-inspired video game.

Eight weeks per season isn’t a whole lot of time to design and create a full themed set. Things take time and to keep up with subsequent seasons, the PUBG Mobile developers probably plan out multiple themes in one go. There’s no chance season 14 will have that military feel at this point, but if the screams were heard as Season 13 launched, Season 14 wouldn’t be the time to realize them. Patience, little ones.


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