PUBG Mobile Season 12 Leaks – Date, Outfits, and Weapon Skins

We say it just about every week of every season, but PUBG Mobile Season 11 really has flown by. EZ Mission licenses make every season feel shorter than it actually is, what with the final set of missions being out for close to a week already for holders. But nothing can stop the leak train, and a bunch of Season 12 leaks actually slipped out more than a month ago.

There’s still a week or so left before we dive right into Season 12, but the update landing alongside the game’s second anniversary means we’re expecting a little more from this season than the last few. Season 10 wasn’t quite as big as we’d all hoped, but that was probably our fault for naively assuming something as arbitrary as entering double digits was cause for celebration.

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Release Date

PUBG Mobile Season 11 is set to end around a week from now, on March 3. After that, Season 12 should begin that very same week on March 6. That means the season will come to an end on a Tuesday before Season 12 kicks off on Friday — the usual weekly mission reset day.

Whether or not patch 0.17.0 will release that week isn’t currently known. You’ll need to download some data for Season 12 for sure, but we don’t yet know if this will bring the various other 0.17.0 features along with it.

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Leaks – Outfits, Weapon Skins and Logo

PUBG Mobile Season 12 coincides with the game’s second anniversary. After all, each season is around 2 months long. We can look back to last year’s celebration to see exactly how Tencent treats the anniversary of one of it’s most popular titles, so we can’t be blamed for thinking the second anniversary will be a similarly big deal, right?

Well, judging by the current wave of PUBG Mobile Season 12 leaks, it all depends on personal preference. Your taste. The second anniversary season looks to be a more colorful approach to this season’s futuristic look. Rather than going for the gritty Deux Ex, Blade Runner, or Cyberpunk 2077 neo-dystopian future look, Season 12 is trading out the dull and drab color palette for a more juvenile neon finish — like a night out at a neon rave.

On first look, the Season 12 theme appears strikingly similar to the new Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 set. It can’t be anything more than coincidental given the need for development time, but it’s an uncanny resemblance for sure. Given the fact the PUBG Mobile Season 12 theme leaked last month, however, there’s still no reason to call this a blatant ripoff. It really does seem like a coincidence.

Our earliest look came from a video posted to the DeadEye Gaming YouTube channel. The channel, while not at all popular, has posted season leaks before — presumably from beta branches of the game. For that, there’s little reason to doubt the content of the video; which actually matches the asset rips mined by Mr Ghost Gaming in recent weeks.

PUBG Mobile Season 12 skin leaks
Credit: Mr Ghost Gaming & DeadEye Gaming

Season 12 outfits are bright, colorful, and feature their fair share of animal motifs. These are unofficial names, but the video showcases a yellow coat panther outfit, a purple getup clearly inspired by DC’s iconic Black Cat, a large amphibian-looking outfit that reminds me of Monster Hunter’s Plesioth (or Lavasioth) for whatever reason, and the Season 12 logo — which has some blatantly obvious references to old-school arcade games as a whole; echoing the arcade setup currently available in the Second Anniversary update beta.

Then, over on the Mr Ghost Gaming website, there’s a more recent asset drop containing a large number of gun skins, helmets, pans, and even additional outfits. You can click on through to see those.

I can’t quite take my eyes off the ruffled skirt look, but the whole set should easily adhere to the tastes of those who like a bit of modern real-world flair to the PUBG Mobile skins. If Season 11 was a bit too serious for you, Season 12 should set things right.

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