PUBG Mobile Season 11 Leaks and Release Date – The Future Is Wednesday

Wake the f*** up, PUBG Man!

PUBG Mobile is exuding a “New year, new me” vibe this week. Beta participation is changing, Erangel 2.0 is still on the horizon, and Season 11 leaks seem to confirm months of futuristic skins are on the horizon as Tencent confirms the PUBG Mobile Season 11 release date.

Numerous PUBG Mobile social accounts have begun to tease the official reveal of the season 11 theme, but leaks have beaten Tencent to the cybernetic punch. Officially titled “Operation Tomorrow”, the game’s Indian Twitter account shared artwork of a cyberpunk-styled arm resting on the side of a shimmering silver vehicle, letting our imaginations dream up the rest of the season’s rewards. The long glove is chunky enough to remind me of some cheap rollerblades I got back in the early 2000s when Jet Set Radio, but I was there for the aesthetic then and I’m here for it now.

The PUBG Mobile Season 11 release date is set for January 10. Social media channels are being understandably coy about the upcoming event, but that hasn’t stopped prolific leakers slithering their way into recent patch files to spill the bigger details.

Over on Instagram, the #pubgmobileleaks hashtag is back in full effect. A brief season trailer available on the platform shows off a bunch of new skins; including a cool black-cloaked get-up that’s completed with a smooth metal illuminated mask. Another similar outfit swaps the solider look for a hooded red-leather jacket and matching nose-height mask for rough-housing delinquents looking to channel their inner Dante.

The whole season looks to be jumping on the cyberpunk theme right before CD Projekt Red finally puts out their long-anticipated Keanu Reeves simulator. Almost everything displays that signature brushed and etched metal look we’ve come to expect from sci-fi classics like Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner.

Fan-favorite guns like the M16A4 aren’t likely to become pulse rifles from the looks of things, but new skins will give them a coating of cyber-crew paint. Everything from parachutes to backpacks are set to look sharp and edgy according to Season 11 leaks, but the Operation Tomorrow theme is definitely more Deux Ex than Tomorrowland. in execution.

Fan reactions to the current Season 11 leaks on sites like Reddit and Instagram suggest a warm reception to the upcoming content. PUBG Mobile skins are never going to win you a match, but that doesn’t stop people from wanting to look the part when they go out to fight.

Much of the fan reaction seems based on the decision to return to an urban warfare feel. Last season’s Mad Max-inspired desert apocalypse approach was another step in the right direction, but anything improving on Season 9’s deep-sea diving theme seems to get the thumbs up.

The PUBG Mobile Season 10 end date is just two days from now, suggesting a Season 11 release is just a week or two away. Will the outfits tempt this particular player more than the current adorably girly winter sets? Not a chance. But will a cyber set entice those who didn’t want to look like a fish tank scuba diver two seasons ago? Probably. Taste is subjective like that, and it’s always important to remember it.

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