PUBG Mobile Players Weigh In on PUBG New State

New State is in quite the state. Apparently.

Many battle royale titles have come and gone since PUBG first kicked off the genre craze, but PUBG Mobile remains the biggest on the worldwide stage. By a wide margin as well. Many players expected today to be the end of its reign with the launch of PUBG New State, a “next generation” take on the game with a different development team. Now? They’re not quite so convinced.

PUBG New State launched today, November 11, just shy of a year after it began to leak. After many months of pre-registration hype and beta tests, the next generation of PUBG Mobile was expected to light a fire under the global hit. There’s no getting around the fact that PUBG Mobile players are tired of the game’s microtransactions and unsolvable cheater infestation. But if the game’s vocal Reddit community are anything to go by, they’re no longer quite so sure that this new game is the light at the end of the long, long tunnel they’d envisaged when it was first teased.

At the end of PUBG New State‘s first day of general release, fans flocked to a post by Reddit user MuhammadxHusayn titled “You will cry about new game.” And cry they did. Whether it was the game’s numerous server woes, wonky graphics on iPhones, sheer inability to run on some devices better than those listed in the minimum specs, or even how the game feels in motion. Most commented to say that they’d already installed, played, and uninstalled the game they initially thought would be their new go-to mobile gaming experience.

“The way the trees render is so terrible. It’s a cut out 2d tree until you get close, then it turns 3d. This is bad. The sound is bad too. Feels like you are playing in a Cowboy ghost town,” said one user on the platform. Numerous iPad Pro users also commented on the game’s low render resolution, which causes the game to look pixelated on its larger screen. Apple’s prosumer tablet has long been a fan-favorite PUBG Mobile device due to its stability, size, and above-average frame rates.

Complaints were also raised about the game’s lack of accessibility options. Though New State does include some recent additions to PUBG Mobile — like the over-the-shoulder toggle added earlier in the year — it’s missing the colorblind options its predecessor added last year. In a game all about accuracy, its omission makes picking out targets in the game’s environment particularly difficult for the eight percent of males (and 0.5 percent of females) said to have some form of the ocular disability — myself included.

It’s far from a done deal at this point, but it has long been understood that a game’s launch is its most crucial event. Though it doesn’t necessarily translate with free games, paid titles typically make most of their lifetime sales in the first few days, suggesting that the wider percentage of people who’ll ever give it a chance do so as soon as possible.

New State’s staggering pre-registration figures are one thing, but it’s safe to assume most PUBG Mobile players were open to the idea of hoping onto its supposed successor. After this first day, however, some seem convinced that perhaps the old game’s issues aren’t as detrimental to the overall experience as they first thought. And with a whole host of celebrations and giveaways happening in the game until early next year, Tencent’s classic mobile battle royale isn’t playing games. Its devout fans may be back to giving it the benefit of the doubt. PUBG New State doesn’t have Metro Royale, after all.