PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.0 Includes Devastating Frozen Eggs

Do frozen chickens dream of frigid eggs?

Tencent’s other PUBG Mobile child, PUBG Mobile Lite, has decided it’s cold enough now to put a coat on and call it. Winter is officially here! What this means for the budget-friendly version of the game is the slew of winter-themed events. From now and all the way up to a totally undisclosed time in the future, PUBG Mobile Lite will celebrate the chilly season with eggs and snowboards. Yes, eggs.

Thankfully not another case of Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise making it into the totally super serious military combat simulator, it’s just regular eggs appearing in the game. Rather than swapping out the apples on Spawn Island used to practice your ‘nade tossing prowess, they’re used through a new cover feature on the now snow-covered Varenga map and new Winter Castle area as a way to fight over a frozen chicken dinner. That’s not quite as appealing as a fully-cooked meal at the end of your battle to the death, now, is it? For whatever reason, we have to mention that these particular eggs are frozen. Why they need to fit so tightly into the winter theme is anyone’s guess. Can you imagine the world of hurt a frozen egg could inflict on someone’s noggin? You might as well just launch a tiny cannonball at them.

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Spawn Island hasn’t been completely left in the snow, though. Or, in a way, it has. With eggs presumably not taking after apples, Spawn Island has been given the gift of gnarly snowboards, so you can rip through the snow-covered landscape before dropping in to fight over frozen poultry.

It’s all part of the wider PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.0 update. This also adds a decent set of new features to the game, including winter-themed lobbies, graffiti customizations, and “custom packs.” The biggest addition by far, though, is the introduction of the Universal Mark Feature. Anyone who’s played the full PUBG Mobile will know of the easily accessible radial menu that’s used to shout things like “I got supplies” and “enemies ahead!” Well, now that’s a part of PUBG Mobile Lite, giving you a way to communicate with the rest of the squad that doesn’t involve yelling through your device’s microphone in the living room.

Just hold the button, slide in the direction of the command you want to give, and your character will yell out a phase and mark whatever it is you happen to be aiming at. Just make sure you don’t mark an enemy as supplies. Unless you’re trying to use a bad squadmate as cannon fodder, of course.

On top of that, the Daily Mission feature has been tweaked to offer three total missions each day. One takes over the previous when completed, giving players thrice the reason to play another round. Then there are the invisible improvements to the game’s backend security features used to prevent (and punish) cheating. We don’t hear much about the PUBG Mobile Lite experience with cheaters and hackers. Given how prevalent it is in regular PUBG Mobile, though, we can imagine any progress made is wholly necessary. Anything is a step in the right direction!

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