A PUBG Mobile Collab With KartRider Rush Is “Coming Soon”

We'll be cruisin' soon

A PUBG Mobile collaboration with KartRider Rush is coming, and looking at the Twitter comments, players seem to be indifferent. Announced on October 4 across the game’s social accounts, you won’t see mention of it in-game just yet, but it’s presumably right around the corner. Despite that, we have a pretty decent idea of what it will offer whenever it does show up. Just know the style of the game its promoting before you go imagining some beefy muscle car with the nitro jets and blue fire blurting out of the back.

Teasing “awesome collab outfits, items, and car skins,” the banner art shows us much of what we can expect to fight for when the event arrives. It shows a KartRider Rush character holding on as the default PUBG Man soars through the sky with his cheeks pressed against the windscreen of a bright pink car. We presume this to be either the Golden Mirado or the more common Dacia 1300. Either way, he’s living the dream. Surrounded by sculpted clouds, we can see a bunch of backpack skins as well.

So why is a Battle Royale game teaming up with a bright and cheerful karting game? PUBG Mobile has teamed up with various brands over the years; from big-budget console games like Resident Evil, luxury car brands like Tesla and Ferrari, and clothing and pop culture brands like B.Duck and Bape. It’s par for the course when you’re one of the biggest games around. And with the KartRider Rush collab, it’s one big mobile game shacking up with another.

KartRider Rush is just a piece of the larger KartRider franchise. Originally released as Crazyracing KartRider back in 2004, this Korean-made game began as part of the Crazy Arcade line of games from publisher NEXON just after the turn of the millennium. In 2007, it was said that around a quarter of the Korean population had played the game at least once.

With the advent of mobile and social gaming, the series broke out on its own, launching KartRider Rush on mobile platforms and Kartrider Dash on Facebook in the 2010s. Though both have now shut down, KartRider Rush+, an enhanced version of the first mobile release, launched to great success in 2020, amassing over 400,000 reviews on the Google Play Store alone. It’s that version that PUBG Mobile is collaborating with, but the reason why could be for more reasons than simply promoting the mobile game.

In 2019, KartRider Drift was announced for both PC and Xbox. After several beta tests through the years, it’s currently scheduled for a 2021 release. The Metro 2033 collaboration — which brought the lovable Metro Royale game mode with it — took months to arrive after it was initially teased. If PUBG Mobile goes the same way with the KartRider Rush collaboration, it would risk missing its chance to promote the series in time for its console debut. That’s assuming the game hasn’t been delayed into next year.

But from mobile game to mobile game, it makes sense that the PUBG Mobile KartRider Rush collaboration exists solely to bring players from either game to the other. They’re very different types of experiences. It’s hard to imagine the PUBG Mobile player model sliding into the cutesy KartRider world unless they’re opting for the Sega All-Stars Racing approach. But cutesy skins in PUBG Mobile? Absolutely. From the B.Duck set to the recent Lovely Baker skin, there’s no shortage of adorable outfits players can slaughter each other in. And scoring a chicken dinner as a tired-looking cartoon kart racer isn’t exactly hard to imagine.

Rest assured, whichever way Tencent and NEXON decide to handle the PUBG Mobile KartRider Rush collaboration, we’ll guide you through the details when the time comes. Past events, especially those that have included car skins, have taken quite some work to fully unlock. With skins on top, we’re expecting a bit of a grind. We’ll guide you through the process as soon as we know exactly what’s going on.

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