Newest Mode PUBG Mobile Is Back After Upsetting an Entire Religion

Welcome (back) to the jungle!

PUBG Mobile‘s Jungle Adventure feature is finally back on the menu and the game’s Twitter channels are acting as if it’s the mode’s first rodeo. After many weeks of hype and a June 1 release date, the game’s newest mode was removed for offending an entire religion. Something no game should ever really strive for.

It wasn’t swapped out for any previously removed mode, either. Just pulled outright. Close to a whole month later and it’s back with little fanfare, with its offending feature swapped out in a way that’ll make you wonder why they bothered with the original idea in the first place.

PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure mode

In a blink and you miss is kind of moment, the mode was plucked out of the game before some players even had a chance to see it. The reason? The inclusion of an idol worship mechanic that broke a fundamental rule of the Muslim faith — a faith many of the game’s players around the world follow.

The idols dished out benefits and boons during play, with many in the Muslim community quickly seeing that as a reason to call the game out. Now that it’s back, the idols have been replaced by color coded crates that, without knowledge of the initial incident, you’d think absolutely nothing of.

So now that it’s back, just what is the Jungle Adventure mode anyway? Jungle Adventure shares a few similarities with the recent Cold Front Survival challenge. It’s your standard Battle Royale job, but with a new vehicle, consumable food, and now item crates scattered throughout to spice things up.

Getting into Jungle Adventure mode is a challenge in itself. Presumably to keep playing from grinding it and getting bored, entrance is based on RNG. Any Sanhok match queue can drop you into the trimmed down version of the map rebuilt to work as some Aztec-inspired jungle quest venue. Queue for a nice leisurely stroll on Sanhok and you might just load into a version where the cars are balloons, the guns are in color coded boxes, and fruit wants to knock you on your ass. The snap decision for a colorblind toggle suddenly makes a lot more sense.

In Jungle Adventure mode, supplies are limited to boxes you find on your travels. Red crates contain guns and ammo, blue boxes have projectiles and weapon attachments, and yellow houses all the first aid equipment you could ever need. Whether you’re in need of each box’s unique contents or not, you might want to bash them open as you come across them, as each also dishes out a passive bonus, too.

  • Red: Restores armor
  • Blue: Restores Energy
  • Yellow: Restores Health

The main allure of Jungle Adventure mode is the hot air balloon vehicle. It was a big part of the promo material for the weeks leading into launch. Hop into one of these and you’ll be able to float your entire squad into the sky. The purpose? Recon, really. You can see a lot of the landscape when you get the height just right; enemies, crate locations, and air drops. Then, you can either float yourself back down safely or throw yourself out of the basket and deploy your parachute to get around quickly. It’s a good way to retreat if spotted or vertically flank a team that hasn’t been watching the skies.

Then there’s fruit. Inconspicuous fruit. Like the chicken in Cold Front Survival, fruit is scattered all around the Mysterious Jungle. You don’t need to toss it down your gullet, but taking the risk can give you game-winning advantages like Air Drop vision, extended sound marker distance, 50% energy regen, or set you up for failure with a good old case of the dizzies.

As good as it was for Tencent to listen to complaints and take swift action for a chance, it really does highlight how a mode everyone wants back (like Darkest Night) should get a second chance at life when plans don’t pan out.


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