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There's a PUBG Mobile Julien Fournié Skin Collection Now, Apparently

Bling it on.

That’s a headline I never thought I’d write. Not because the idea of PUBG Mobile and Julien Fournié teaming up for a collaborative in-game costume seemed as unlikely as Endwalker getting a bad score (however new the brand is new to me: an uncultured British boy living in the grimy, forgotten north of England). I’ve heard of Louis Vuitton through an imaginary Final Fantasy XIII photoshoot and the concept of high fashion and couture through low-quality marathons of decade-old seasons of America’s Next Top Model found and hastily downloaded from YouTube before their uploaders were probably hoisted into a digital jail. Now comes my time to haphazardly research the subject matter as I write this news piece.

The PUBG Mobile Julien Fournié collaboration set was dropped into the game as soon as it was announced on Dec. 6, 2021. Kicking off the Winter Fantasy series of events set to stretch throughout the month, expect this particular bunch of male and female outfits to cost a pretty penny. It’s not often that PUBG Mobile downplays the cost of its luxury goods partners, after all. But while this set has come with fanfare on Twitter, it’s seeing fairly muted coverage in-game. So much so that you probably wouldn’t even know it existed if you just launch the game and hop into a match from time to time.

So how do you get the PUBG Mobile Julien Fourné collection? Though heaps of gacha, of course. Which is actually a somewhat refreshing approach to the game’s usual up-market partnerships. Rather than being locked behind its own event gate or something like the Joy Treasure that had me lean about the game’s monetization practices the hard way earlier in the year, you’ll find the Julien Fournié skins unceremoniously. buried within the PUBG Lucky Crate — the second one down in the shop that doesn’t even have a nice banner preview of its featured item.

The PUBG Mobile Julien Fornié set contains a Golden Helmet.

But just because the skin isn’t highlighted as the main attraction of the loot box, don’t go thinking that it isn’t the rarest item of the bunch. It is. Its inclusion in one, however, acts as a big of a double-edged sword. At a four percent base rate before any bad luck detection systems come into play, you could grab these virtual recreations of ludicrously expensive high fashion items for $0.40 or $40. It really depends on your luck. And even if you strike gold with one pull, there’s always more than one item you’re going to need to complete the set.

The PUBG Mobile Julien Fournié collaboration features two main outfits: the “Winter Fantasy – Men’s Collection,” and the “Winter Fantasy – Women’s Collection.” Both outfits can be equipped to characters of either gender, but there’s more to it than just the one-piece suit. To complete either look, you’ll need the Green Beard and Ski Goggles item for the men’s outfit, and the Women’s Hat for the other. But if you want to keep up with the androgynous look, there’s a golden iconic PUBG Mobile helmet in there that’ll go well with the matching Pan and Kar98K — a gun that ranks high on our PUBG Mobile sniper tier list (and likely will for some time yet).

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