Everything You Can Do in the PUBG Mobile Frosty Town Holiday Event

The PUBG Mobile events run for the next few weeks.

It’s official the holidays. PUBG Mobile said so. Fire up the game today and you’ll be welcomed by a winter wonderland cinematic showcasing a snow-covered Erangel and a Holiday main menu backdrop that conveniently hides the Metro Royale entrance pipe behind a couch. There’s more than just a seasonal map skin going on here, though. PUBG Mobile is typically awash with events and rewards that payout for doing anything from simply logging in to spending a boatload of money: there’s something for everyone!

From now until well into the New Year, a variety of special events will come and go, starting with a whimsical scene decoration event straight out of a mid-2000s Flash game you’d sneak on in school. Here’s what you can do right now alongside a few vague details of what’s to come further down the line. Don’t like it? There’s always PUBG Mobile Lite and its devastating frozen eggs.

PUBG Mobile Holiday Decoration

Holiday Decoration: Dec. 10 – 19

From Dec. 10 – 19, the Holiday Decoration event will be active. By using Decoration Tools obtained through various daily missions, you can unlock around two dozen different trinkets and items and slot them into predetermined holes in a chilly village scene. Unlock enough of the items over the course of the event, and you’ll unlock the Wishing Treeman set skin for a measly five days. It truly is the season of giving.

If you don’t happen to play enough to unlock the skin, don’t worry: there are plenty of other rewards to grab along the way. The Wishing Treeman Headgear unlocked two days before the rest of the skin lasts two days longer, just so you have a chance to don the full set for the entire duration. It’s the thought that counts. Here’s the full Holiday Decoration reward list:

  • 2 Decorations: 50 AG
  • 5 Decorations: 3x Supply Crate Coupon Scraps
  • 8 Decorations: 5x Classic Crate Coupon Scraps
  • 11 Decorations: Wishing Treeman Headgear (seven days)

Holiday Markets: Dec. 18 – 31

Unlike the rest of the world, where a certain pandemic has called off virtually all in-person Christmas markets, PUBG Mobile is going ahead with its plans. With your neighborhood decorated, it’s time to head further into Frosty Town, where we can see a seasonal lit clocktower and a dreamy Ferris wheel breaking the skyline. We won’t know exactly what the Holiday Market will offer until it opens up, but expect more missions and rewards through Christmas day and all the way to New Year’s Eve.

PUBG Mobile Holiday event

Holiday Gifting: Dec. 31 – Jan. 10

But the holidays don’t stop with New Year’s Eve. Not in PUBG Mobile‘s deceptively idyllic Frosty Town. From then, and all the way to Jan. 10, the Holiday Gifting area opens up. If previous events keep dishing out coupons, expect this to be less about freebies and more about discounted goods. A New Year’s clearance sale, perhaps. You’ll likely be encouraged to spend some of your holiday money on cheap and cheerful skins to toss to your regular gaming buddies as a show of thanks for all the times they’ve carried you to victory this year.

Frost Festival Winter Soccer Camp: Nov. 31 – Dec. 13

And last, and actually least, there’s the current Winter Soccer Camp event. This didn’t come with a fancy trailer or anything. It’s just your run of the mill event tucked away with the rest of them. Having started on Nov. 31, you won’t have time to reap its rewards if you’re just now getting started. But if you’re already partway through it, press on over these last couple of days and you might just be able to grab a timed Soccer Camp uniform skin. Why you’d opt to wear shorts into a snow-covered battlefield, though, is something you’ll have to explain to whoever blows out your kneecaps: in the spirit of Christmas, of course.

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