New PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Probably Isn’t What You Wanted

New is scary.

No single time of year can be as scary as the entirety of 2020 at this point, but the Halloween spirit seemingly isn’t going anywhere. Going outside to knock on a stranger’s door for candy is a big no-no for obvious reasons, but PUBG Mobile is attempting to keep the season of the weird and the wonderful alive(?) with a couple of new additions to its annual Halloween event.

We might not be getting the much-loved Darkest Night mode back anytime soon — that’s entertaining PUBG Mobile Lite players instead — but we’re not being left out in the chilled breeze of Autumn, either. On top of a simple reintroduction of Infection Mode from last week, we get a brand-new seasonal twist to Erangel in a similar vein as those much-loved zombie modes that just won’t come back no matter how hard we beg.

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From this Friday, players who don’t want to stick to the game’s EvoGround modes to get their Halloween fix can keep to Erangel for a few more spooks and scares. Later in the week, and stretching all the way into November, the seasonal queue is back on Erangel, threatening to toss those who innocently hop into the queue for a Classic match straight into a new seasonal event. If you find yourself in the seasonally modified Erangel, but prepared to defend your life from death itself. It’s not quite the Grim Reaper coming to steal your soul, but a team-based challenge.

In the time-aware Halloweeks event, you’ll occasionally drop in on this newly tweaked Erangel. Four “zombie camps” will appear in set locations around the map. They spawn not only the shuffling corpses of the damned, but “valuable crates” containing as-of-yet undisclosed resources as well. According to the press material, the crates only unlock and open once all the zombies on the map have been taken care of. On occasion, four Roaming Bosses will hit up the zombie camps like it’s their local watering hole and “increase their energy by punching players within melee range and throwing rocks…” Defeating these situational monsters unlocks additional battle supplies, whatever they may be.

If you prefer other maps, to make sure you can kill a zombie before they all go away yet again, Cheer Park is also being updated to include some seasonal scares. Drop into the sandbox mode’s Training Grounds section to fend off waves of the undead and climb the challenge’s scoreboard.

As for why the Halloweeks event uses the Rock and Roll tagline, that’s down to another musical collaboration about to kick into high gear. Following in the footsteps of BlackPink and Alan Walker promotions, virtual rock band POWER4 will debut a new game-specific track on Friday. This coincides with the Legendary Contract skins available today. Wraith Lord, Spike Demon, Grave Lord, and the Lady of Blood outfits are all part of the promotion, but the only truly scary part is that there’s a reward for pulling 300 times at 60 UC a pop. Maybe now’s a good time to get those free UC promotions active if you’re playing on Android.

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