The PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Hits the UK This Month

And all it took was a storm or two!

Just as the United Kingdom decides to deletes its former EU buddies from its Facebook friend list, Tencent has chosen to throw the tiny island nation a bone. February has seen the PUBG Mobile developers announce two new ways for players across the UK and Ireland to participate in the game’s budding esports scene.

The first announcement came on Feb. 11 through Twitter, not long before Valentine’s Day events swept through the game, suggesting there’s no better way to say “I love you” than teaming up to shoot someone in the ass. Apparently that warm and fuzzy feeling called “love” has convinced Tencent into giving the UK and Ireland a chance to participate in its lucrative esports tournaments, as they announced plans to bring the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship to the country for the first time.

PUBG Mobile UK Championship

For those not actively following the PUBG Mobile competitive scene, the Campus Championship series is a collegiate-level event aimed at players of all skill levels. Malaysia and Indonesia have offered this route into competitive gaming in the past, but this year sees the efforts of National Student Esports (NSE) spread further around the globe thanks to a little cooperation on Tencent’s side.

The event itself begins on March 5 and ends on April 6, so that’s six weeks of solid competition (streamed to Twitch) to whet the appetites of the British who are all too used to being left out in the cold. Signups close midnight on Saturday, Feb. 29, with qualifier rounds kicking off at 7 PM on Monday, March 2. We’re aware these dates aren’t quite lining up, but the site ensures most of the action will take place every Monday during the period. Qualifiers will take place over that first week, so that should at least cover the Thursday, March 5 start date quoted earlier in the announcement. Sixteen university teams will eventually go on to complete in the actual Campus Championship.

So what’s the point of all this, you might ask? Cash, of course! And a little bit of swag to anyone who enters. Not only will players compete for a slice of a £5,000 prize pool, but they’ll earn British University Esports Championship points for their efforts, too. This isn’t some kind of college credit scheme, though. It’s part of a larger competition to crown the UK’s first “Esports University of the Year,” and that fraction of £5,000 isn’t going to help anyone pay their tuition fee. Last last year’s winning establishment across the pond got “a package of 40 society hoodies.” Nice.

PUBG Mobile UK Discord server

It’s a bit of a soft start, prize-wise, but the winning team will earn a spot in the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split. We’re currently in the midst of the Spring Split, but both tournaments eventually merge to create the World Championship lineup, so there’s a shot at something much bigger than a comparatively small university competition on the table.

Announced shortly after was the creation of a whole new PUBG Mobile Discord server exclusively for players in the UK and Ireland. The official PUBG Mobile Discord server was home to over 300,000 players back in July last year, and while plenty of those speak English, the existence of this new server will at least help Blighty residents find squads with similar pings. Though it’s probably designed to help foster a community of local PUBG Mobile players and help universities build their teams.

So I leave this to you, follow UK-based PUBG Mobile players. Have you ever thought the game lacks presence over here? There was no shortage of news stories about schools struggling to deal with both big-name Battle Royale games hitting mobile not too long ago. Is now a good time to bring up the prospects of scoring a chicken dinner outside of lessons?

If you’re up for growing the UK/Ireland PUBG Mobile scene, check out the UK/Ireland Discord server and think about registering for the tournament if you qualify. If you’re seeing this without having played in a little while and want to compete, consider checking out our extensive PUBG Mobile page here for loads more news and a bunch of guides.

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