The PUBG Mobile April TDM Rewards List Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

They feeding us scraps.

With everyone staying at home or preparing for the Easter holidays, there’s plenty of time to play a spot of PUBG Mobile. Tencent seemingly knows that. But rather than dish out extra rewards for dropping into a Battle Royale session, PUBG Mobile is making this the week of TDM and Payload. It’s an Arena extravaganza, and you only have until the end of the week to make the most of it.

In games like this, double exp, free skins, and maybe a few extra notches on the old Battle Pass would be enough for most players. Something to lower the grind. Freebies can get anyone to queue for anything, and it’s clear this little incentive is being used to shorten queue times in some of the more obscure game modes.

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PUBG Mobile April TDM rewards

But there’s still little reason for Battle Royale addicts to fly anywhere near the Arena playlist. Why? Because the rewards are far from those suggested above. PUBG Mobile isn’t known for being incredibly generous with its rewards. If they give out skins, they’re either temporary or tied behind something like Amazon Prime. These April Arena rewards are little more than scraps. Literally.

To entice players to try out Team Deathmatch, Domination, Assault, and Payload, the Blazing Firefight tab as been added to the present box board. For today and tomorrow only, completing matches and defeating up to 20 enemies in TDM modes will net you a grand total of two Supply Crate Coupon Scraps per day, and a Hot Pizza Baseball Cap for a whopping two days.

After that, you have until April 12 to pay a bunch of Payload mode, which you’ll find in the PlayLab tab these days. We don’t know the exact rewards for that leg of the promotion just yet, but don’t expect anything better.

For what it’s worth, we’re always advocating the importance of Arena modes like Team Deathmatch, Assault, and Domination. They’re necessary distractions from the stressful, time consuming grind of Classic. They might promote a heavy handed rush mentality that doesn’t translate well to squad-based Battle Royale rounds, but they’re a fantastic way to get a feel for a few common weapons in a more realistic play environment than the training room.

If you’re just a few coupon scraps away from a pull, this miniature event will serve a purpose, so make sure to get on it while you can. We have guides available for each and every one of the featured modes this week, too, so do check those out above if you need a few pointers before rushing in. You need to take out almost two dozen enemies each day to make the most of it.

Even if you’ve got the skill to pull that off, knowing the lay of the land will put you at a distinct advantage. Each guide has an overview of their featured maps, complete with notable camping spots and other points of interest that should help secure the win.

And if you do manage to get some kind of mega-rare skin through the scraps they’re trickling down on us for this, do let us know. Maybe that will make it all worth it.

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