PUBG Mobile 1.7 Patch Notes – Buffs, Nerfs, and New Features

The PUBG Mobile 1.7 patch notes are here, and while they’re not the longest line of changes, they are substantial for top-tier players. If you’ve been contributing to the meta by ignoring the game’s marksman rifles and sprinting to pick up the DP28, you’ll want to read up and take it all in. Things are changing, and the new Carry feature is only going to make strategy and formation all that more important in team matches. We’ve included new additions like Mirror World and the Royale Pass Season 3 at the top. They’re features the vast majority of players will want to check out. But for the pros who understand that every incremental stat change to a gun matters, they’re included in detail further down.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 Patch Notes

Mirror World

  • Date: November 16, 2021

This is the big PUBG Mobile x League of Legends crossover mode. Like so many others, it can be found in a modified version of Erangel. Just make sure you queue for the event version. Once you’re in, land on the floating island to transform into either Jinx, Vi, Jayce, or Kaitlyn from the new League of Legends animated series ARCANE. Each character has unique guns and abilities they can use to grab themselves a chicken dinner.

New Royale Pass — Cycle 1 Season 3

  • Date: Nov. 19–Dec.19
  • Featured skins:
    • The Vanguard
    • Lethal Creepster
    • Kar98K – Duty Till the End
    • MK47 – Duty Till the End

Cycle 1 Season 3 also reintroduces key or fan-favorite costumes from PUBG Mobile seasons one through four. These can be obtained by spending Royale Pass-exclusive currencies in the event shop during the season.

Metro Royale is coming back in PUBG Mobile 1.7 with a new feature.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 – All Returning Maps and Modes

  • Vikendi
  • Metro Royale: Reunion
  • Survive Till Dawn
    • Thu/Fri/Sat/
  • Infection Mode
    • Thu/Fri/Sat
  • Payload 2.0
    • Mon/Sat/Sun
  • Runic Power
    • Tue/Wed/Sat

The returning PUBG Mobile modes listed above will release slowly over the course of November. No end date has been set, but most are only available for three days of the week. Vikendi and Metro Royale: Reunion are available indefinitely and on any day of the week. The latter will even support the new PUBG Mobile Carry feature.

Gun Balance – Buffs and Nerf

Marksman Rifles

  • SLR:
    • Increased recovery speed, increased bullet speed.
  • SKS:
    • Slightly increased recovery speed, increased bullet speed.
  • Mini14:
    • Increased damage at long range.
  • VSS:
    • Slightly increased the weapon’s damage.

Across most of the range, marksman rifles have been rebalanced to bring them back into the meta. The SLR and SKS will enjoy faster bullet speed, the Mini14’s damage drop-off has been reduced, as the VSS has just gotten more powerful across the board. The developers not that the reason for the changes is due to the weapons being given “the cold shoulder” by players.


  • DP28 
    • Reduced bullet speed, reduced damage at long range, reduced headshot damage.

Noted as a particularly powerful weapon in our recent LMG tier list, it would appear that the developers shared that sentiment. After today’s patch, the DP28 has had its bullet speed reduced, its damage reduced at long range, and even its headshot damage reduced.

It’s worth noting that the developers simply said the changes were made to “see what happens”, so there’s every chance one or more of these tweaks could be rolled back, adjusted, or even added to over time.

PUBG Mobile 1.7 introduces the Carry feature.

Carry Feature

The Carry feature is a small change made to the “Downed” system that allows for players to be revived after taking lethal damage. In applicable modes and matches, downed players can be lifted and carried around on the backs of their teammates. The person holding their fallen ally won’t be able to use their weapons of equipment in this state, but they can carry their teammate to a safe place where they’ll have the time to revive and patch them up.


Lastly, some minor tweaks have been made to the UI design and usability. Here’s what you’ll notice:

  • Improved the presentation of some in-match information to make the combat screen more refreshing with clearer reminders.
  • Improved the Download screen, Sensitivity Settings screen, and the Button Settings screen to make it easier for you to set up your controls.

And that’s the lot for PUBG Mobile 1.7 patch notes. It’s not the biggest balance pass that’s happened to the game, but paired with the new carry feature, the SMG and Marksman rifle chances could shake up the meta in some interesting ways. To learn more about how to download the new patch, we’ve got you covered. You might not even notice that you’re running on the wrong version.

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