PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 Patch Notes Summary – Release Date and Details

A new map, gun, AND a vehicle? Nice.

The PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 patch is officially coming. The incremental update follows the more substantial one from just last month, keeping in line with past patch release dates. There’s not a massive amount to get excited for here, but TDM fans will finally get that new map we saw months ago. Vikendi players are also in for a slight shake-up.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 Release Date & Size

PUBG Mobile patch 0.15.5 is set to release on November 8, 2019. There won’t be any server downtime as the patch goes live, and you won’t need to download the patch through your device’s app store. Just launch the game once the patch goes live, and it’ll do the tiny download itself.

Tiny being a subjective term here, PUBG Mobile patch 0.15.5 clocks in at around 210MB on Android, and a slightly larger 240MB on iOS. As usually, refusing the update will leave you unable to invite players who do update.

Those who update by November 14 get a few extra goodies for their cooperation: 20 Silver, 2,000 BP, and a Blue Glider Trail.

PUBG Mobile Sara

What’s New in PUBG Mobile 0.15.5

So what awaits those who do decide to clog up their device storage a little more, anyway? The relatively small 0.15.5 update isn’t going to set the classic Battle Royale mode aflame, but if you’re one to take a break with TDM, the new Ruins map should shake it up enough to breath life back into the mode.

The new map is said to include “dense vegetation and winding paths” allowing for “players to go head-to-head with enemies, or work together to set up a stronghold.”

If you’ve played much TDM on the single map PUBG Mobile had up until now, you might think the suggested strategies on the Ruins map aren’t any different, and you’d be more or less right. Still, the change of scenery wouldn’t go amiss.

To get a good look at the map before diving in, check out this post from back when the map was added to the Asia servers.

New Vikendi Guns & Vehicles

A couple new things have been added to the Vikendi map: the MP5K SMG and Zima vehicle.

The Zima replaces the UAZ in Vikendi specifically. Curiously, the official patch notes state how the Zima is more difficult to use in snow (which Vikendi isn’t short of), but “easier to drive than other four-wheeled vehicles.”

It sounds as if you won’t want to go off-roading in this new vehicle, but it should get around the map’s tight roads a little easier. It’s designed to make up for its slower speed with higher bullet resistance.

General Patch Notes – PUBG Mobile 0.15.5

We’ve condensed the official patch notes into only the most fundamental details. Consider any changes below as minor additions to the game — like altered Arcade / EvoGround timings and UI tweaks.

  • Season System
    • Added tier protection card rewards to Platinum and Crown tiers
  • New Player 8-Day Rewards
    • Finishes, Trails, Classic Crate Vouchers etc.
  • Companion System (coming soon)
  • New Character “Sara” (coming soon)
  • Arcade Mode availability
    • Mini-Zone taken down temporarily
    • Quick Match now available at all times
    • Sniper Training times moved to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
    • War mode times moved to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Team recruitment tier and language requirement options added
  • Clan Improvements
    • Increased capacity for Level 6+ clans.
    • Added member sidebar to Clan Chat
    • Added rankings visibility when browsing clans
  • Team-up invites now appear in notifications
  • Reduced time to enter the Shop screen
  • Charisma system has been removed pending further adjustments

The only baffling decision here is why two things included here are “coming soon”. There’s a good chance it means while the new features won’t be coming on 0.15.5 release date, both should go live before the next big 0.16.0 patch. Expect PUBG Mobile‘s second new character to release in the next few weeks, and the Falcon companion to come before of after that.

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