Since You Can’t Have Netflix on Your Switch, Pokemon TV is Coming to the System

The app has some, not all, of Ash Ketchum's adventures available to watch.

The Pokemon anime is not viewable through Netflix on the Switch, because Nintendo’s console/handheld hybrid still doesn’t have Netflix four years into its life. But there’s now another option: the Pokemon TV app is available on the device, and it lets you stream the anime right to your Switch.

Notably, the app doesn’t have all seasons of the show. As of right now, there’s a sizable gap between Season 2 and Season 10, then another gap between Season 13 and Season 20. Season 6 is here, but incomplete. Almost like it’s hopping around the Hoenn season.

Beyond the actual mainline show, there’s also a section dedicated to specials like Twilight WingsGenerations, and Origins. There’s also exactly one (1) of the movies listed here, Pokemon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of AgesPokemon Kids TV, a YouTube channel usually aimed at early childhood education, has its own tab.

Overall, your mileage may vary in whether or not you get what you’re looking for out of Pokemon TV. Would be nice if Nintendo would put Netflix on the Switch so we could have these Pokemon shows as well as some of the Pokemon movies on the services, as well as the live-action adaptation that’s in the works. But there’s no word on that happening any time soon.

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In other Pokemon news, The Pokemon Company held another Pokemon Presents showcase, which spotlighted the upcoming Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl remakes, as well as Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Both of the RPGs are set to come to Switch on November 19 and January 28 respectively. Also, Blastoise is finally coming to the Pokemon Unite roster next week.