Nintendo’s 24-hour Pokemon Stream Finally Reveals Galarian Ponyta

The stream lasted an entire day to reveal the new form

If you’ve been seeing screenshots of a static shot of a forest occasionally occupied by Pokemon on social media and wondered what was up, Nintendo has been streaming for an entire 24 hours all leading up to the big reveal: Ponyta, one of the original 151 Pokemon, is getting a new form in Pokemon Sword & Shield next month.

Not much is known about the Galarian Ponyta beyond its appearance, which has a long pink and white mane that replaces the fiery embers of the original form. However, a majority of Pokemon that appeared in the stream were noted as Fairy types, and given the color association with the type, a pink-haired Ponyta being a Fairy-type variant probably checks out. Here are a few shots of the horse from the stream, courtesy of Pokemon fansite Serebii’s Twitter account:

Ponyta isn’t the first Pokemon to get an updated look and typing in Sword & Shield. Recently Galarian Weezing was revealed to sport a long top hat that doubles as a chimney, while Zigzagoon will have an edgier black-and-white look and getting a new third evolution too in the form of Obstagoon. Wild stuff is happening in the Galar region, but developments like these have been happening for a few games now, with Sun and Moon introducing regional variants back in 2016.

While there’s still a month left before Pokemon Sword & Shield come to the Nintendo Switch on November 15, the new characters Nintendo has been showing have been brimming with personality. But the game’s not been without its pre-release controversy, as people are still mad online about the lack of a National Pokedex that would allow all the previous Pokemon from older games to be transferred over to the Switch games. If Nintendo was really feeling spicy, Sword & Shield could use its England-inspired setting to address Brexit. But The Pokemon Company’s already got enough on its plate these days, yeah?