Pokemon Evolutions Reminds Us Barry From Diamond & Pearl Isn’t Always a Dick

He just has daddy issues, okay?

I’m playing Pokemon Shining Pearl right now, and man, Barry kinda sucks, huh? I’m a big fan of some of the rivals Pokemon games put forth for you to fight throughout your journey, like Hop from Sword & Shield. These are characters who serve as a constant skill check as you progress and also a reminder of how far you’ve come. But Barry is just a little shit for a majority of Diamond & Pearl and their remakes. This is why I’m glad the latest episode of Pokemon Evolutions takes some time to sit with the character’s actual deal, rather than honing in on how he’s gonna fine me for 10 million Pokemon dollars.

For the uninitiated, Pokemon Evolutions is a limited-run anime series The Pokemon Company has been rolling out this year. Each episode focuses on a different region and generation of the series, and has covered characters like Leon from Sword & Shield and Lillie from Sun & Moon. But for the Diamond & Pearl episode, we got to watch Barry deal with his own feelings of inadequacy and daddy issues. This feels in line with how Evolutions has been presenting these characters to this point. The show has been honing in on some of the darker tones of the Pokemon universe, and has been more introspective and thoughtful as a result. So it’s nice to see Barry not just be an asshole the whole time. Though some might enjoy Pokemon rivals more when they’re mean.



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Check out the full episode below:

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Following this, Pokemon Evolutions still has three episodes left focusing on the Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto regions. All will launch on YouTube and Pokemon TV on Wednesday, December 9, 16, and 23.