Pokemon Evolutions Anime Spotlights All Eight Regions, Ball Guy is Here

The series will premiere on YouTube and Pokemon TV.

The Pokemon Company has announced it’s rolling out a new limited series of Pokemon anime called Pokemon Evolutions, and the first trailer for it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Pokemon Evolutions will be an eight-part series, with each episode taking place in a different region in the Pokemon universe. The trailer has flashes of each episode, but does focus primarily on the Galar episode, which seems to be putting a spotlight on its regional champion Leon. However, the real star of the show is the actual mascot (sorry Pikachu) Ball Guy, who we see briefly in the montage. Who is he cheering on? Will we get to see who is under the mask? Will Pokemon Evolutions be answering the true greatest mysteries of the Pokemon world?

It makes sense that the Galar entry would be getting some love in the trailer, however, as it will be the first to air on the Pokemon YouTube channel and on the Pokemon TV app (that just came to Switch).

Check out the trailer below:

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The full rollout will begin next week on September 9. For September and October, a new episode will air twice a month. However, Pokemon Evolutions is taking a break for November, with the remaining four episodes premiering in the first four weeks of December. Here’s the schedule:

  • Thursday, September 9:           “The Champion” featuring the Galar region
  • Thursday, September 23:         “The Eclipse” featuring the Alola region
  • Thursday, October 7:             “The Visionary” featuring the Kalos region
  • Thursday, October 21:           “The Plan” featuring the Unova region
  • Thursday, December 2:            “The Rival” featuring the Sinnoh region
  • Thursday, December 9:            “The Wish” featuring the Hoenn region
  • Thursday, December 16:          “The Show” featuring the Johto region
  • Thursday, December 23:          “The Discovery” featuring the Kanto region

While the decision to skip over November seems odd, Pokemon fans will be more than occupied that month with the launch of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, which are both coming to Switch on November 19. For more on the state of Pokemon, be sure to check out our recap of the last Pokemon Presents showcase.