Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC Brings More Areas, Pokemon

The Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass DLC introduces the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra, which include raids, new Pokemon, and more.

Many who finished Pokemon Sword & Shield probably aren’t actually finished yet. Some are still working on their Pokedexes, breeding, doing Dynamax Raids and more. However, come this June, there’ll be more reasons to stay attached to the Switch. Sword and Shield gets respective Expansion Pass DLC that adds new regions, Pokemon, characters, and more features to the base game.

The new regions offer plenty more of what makes Sword and Shield great. Both are mainly open Wild areas, with chances to catch new Pokemon and find Dynamax dens. Plus, they’ll include more Pokemon that weren’t featured in the original regions! Time to fill out your Pokedex a bit more.

This is the first time for a mainline Pokemon game that the companies involved have opted for a “DLC” technique. In the past, “deluxe” or “third” versions of the game would bring in all the extra goods. It was a more expensive route that probably had a slightly worse carbon and litter footprint for kids around the world. But this time, as it’s only a DLC, it’ll be cheaper too, at only $30 for each packs (per game).

Here’s a quick low-down on what’s specifically coming in the Expansion Pass.

The Isle of Armor

The first expansion pass, The Isle of Armor, has a pretty fitting name — and not just because, you know, the area is called The Isle of Armor. There’s a new story in this area, and it’s pretty much a good ol’ shonen protagonist training arc. After all, the theme for this one is “Growth.”

This expansion centers around your training with a new mentor, a former Champion named Mustard. He looks like a pretty eccentric guy, which is fitting for his old mentee, the (former?) Pokemon Champion Leon. Now, the torch has passed, and he’s your mentor. You’ll train alongside a different rival depending on your game version. In Pokemon Sword, your rival is Klara, a Poison type; for Shield, you’ll face off with Avery, a Psychic type.

Along the way, you’ll train with a legendary Pokemon: Kubfu, a fighting type with special evolutions. We’ll touch on this and Crown Tundra’s legendary later!

The Pokemon DLC Direct also teases some new features available in The Isle Of Armor update. For instance, your starters’ final forms’ Dynamax forms get special forms in this expansion. There are also new player features coming in the update to help your adventure. You can use Apricorns to make new pokemon, grab Experience Charms to get EXP boosts, and Tutor Moves to give your Pokemon “all-new moves.”

The Isle of Armor portion of the Expansion pass is the first set to come out, with a tentative release date this June.

Crown Tundra

The Crown Tundra expansion pack is a lot more focused on exploring and expanding your Pokedex. In fact, the theme for it is “Exploration.” Your character is even set up as an expedition leader for the Crown Tundra, a cold and chilly mountain. The area has plenty to explore, including the full versions of caves seen in Dynamax Raids.

A new raid style in the Crown Tundra expansion may excite older and more hardcore Pokemon fans. The new region features caverns where you and your friends can battle for former games’ legendary Pokemon, which include Dynamax forms. Basically, it’s time to gun for a Shiny Dynamax Mewtwo.

The Direct also teases three new legendary Pokemon, which appear to be Galarian versions of the classic Hoenn bird legendaries: Moltres, Zapados and Articuno. There aren’t details on these specifically besides visuals, but like other region-exclusives, it they have slick new appearances and will definitely vary from their original types.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for the colder months to see the Crown Tundra pack. Game Freak has this set for “Fall 2020,” which, as we know as gamers, can mean anywhere from the end of summer until pretty much Christmas.

New Regional Legendary Pokemon

Of course, it’s Pokemon. So you basically can’t introduce a new buyable area like this without throwing in a Legendary or two as incentive. And in the case of the Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC, there’ll be two!

The first to arrive will be The Isle of Armor’s Kubfu. Again, it seems like you’ll be training alongside this fighting-type Pokemon until you both reach your full potential. The difference between you, a human, and Kubfu is that the Pokemon evolves — except this one has two “fighting styles” in its evolved Urshifu form. One is the “Single-Strike Style,” which makes it Fighting and Dark. The other is “Rapid-Strike Style,” which instead throws in Water as a type. Each has different appearances and Dynamax attacks, so it’s worth your time to choose wisely!

In the Crown Tundra DLC pack, there’ll be Calyrex, a Psychic and Grass type. It sounds like there’s a story behind it: according to the Direct, it once ruled part of the Galar region that included the Crown Tundra region. We can’t exactly explain why it’s still around in a wintry area besides old grudges or something, but hey! More Pokemon to catch, we guess.

More Pokemon:

The Galarian Slowpoke

He slow. He go. He still Psychic o(nly). And he’s available now. No, not as part of the Sword & Shield DLC, like, literally right now. What are you doing. Some nerd on another continent already has him in Shiny form. Why are you not catching him NOW. Look at this nerd. Go headpat him for us. We’ll have our own to headpat soon, but like, headpat him for us too.