PlayStation 5’s Way of Documenting Trophies is Way Better than PS4’s

You can make a highlight reel instead of a slideshow now.

Unless you’ve changed the settings around on your console, if you earn a trophy on PlayStation 4, your system will automatically take a screenshot of the moment you did whatever you did that the developer thought was significant enough to merit a reward. In theory, that’s pretty cool. It allows you to keep a documentation of some kind of “achievement” you’ve done in a game, and scrolling through those captures is a way to take a trip down memory lane. But that doesn’t really work for every game, as trophies can pop seconds after the action has been done, or some games like Heavy Rain specifically wait until loading screens to confirm a trophy acquisition. The PlayStation 5 is going a step farther, and will actually do more to capture the moment for posterity.

Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller posted a video on his Twitter account running down how trophies work on PlayStation 5, and as it turns out, the system now captures a video when trophies are unlocked. It’s not just the moment the trophy pops, either. The video begins a few seconds before so it can get the full lead-up to the act. This would have been great to have for the trophies I’ve unlocked in Overwatch, which required me to make specific plays with different heroes, but since I unlocked them on PS4, all I’ve got is a single screenshot to remember them by rather than a short clip that shows me actually accomplishing the thing.

Check out Greg’s video below:

In other news:

This is one of a few changes Sony’s made to the PlayStation trophy system leading up to the PlayStation 5’s launch on November 12. Earlier this month the company made changes to trophies across the entire PlayStation Network, giving players higher trophy levels to reach and incentivizing players to try and earn them more frequently. Because who doesn’t love a good Numbers Go Up (RIP) moment?

The PlayStation 5 is just a short two weeks away, and now that reviewers have the console in their homes, we should expect more details like this to trickle out as we head toward launch day. What we do know now is that the PS5 is a huge monstrosity of a device, largely to ensure the thing is quiet compared to the PS4, which sounds like a helicopter about to take flight when it’s got intensive games like The Last of Us Part II and Marvel’s Avengers running. Games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the Demon’s Souls remake are pretty much the headliners for the console, with Bugsnax and Sackboy: A Big Adventure rounding things out for all ages. Yesterday, Sony announced that Destruction AllStars, which was meant to be a launch title, is being delayed until February, and will launch as a free PlayStation Plus game for two months.