PS5 Prototype Leaks Show New Controller, And That PS5 Is Still Weird

Thanks to a leak, we now have a more recent look at how things are coming along for the PlayStation 5 and its next-gen controller.

It is now 2020, which means we’re months closer than before to seeing the newest consoles hit the market. But while Microsoft has unveiled its goods, Sony has been a little more tight-lipped. Naturally, that means PlayStation 5 leaks are inevitable. And this leak, we’re getting a small peek of the new controller — and the console lit up for use.

The leak is a very-poorly-redacted screenshot of a Facebook post by a Reddit user. In it, a “cleaner” for a company titled “U” — which many speculate as “Ubisoft,” though we have no confirmation — shares pictures of “prototype 1 of Ps5” [sic].

“Please do not share this,” he concludes. Dear Patrick: Your friend not only dropped the ball, it popped. Sorry, brave soul.

In the pictures, we see the PS5 controller as well as the console. The latter is lit up on its small LED screen,

This isn’t exactly the first leak of the PS5 console itself. And honestly, it still looks about as weird as we’ve heard it. If you ask me, it looks like one of those consoles that they designed in 1980 when predicting what a 2020 console would look like. At least someone probably got it right out there!

Since we’re this late in the development cycle, it looks like at least this general look will be close to how it’ll appear when it hits stores this holiday. We’ll give it a week before someone cracks the LED screen to make it show stupid, off-brand-use stuff.

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Meanwhile, it’s hard to see the full features of the DualShock 5 from just a few leaked pictures. However, thanks to a collaboration between Sony and Wired, we already have an idea of what’s coming to the DualShock 5 officially. And, more than meets the eye for sure in the next generation of PlayStation controllers.

For one, there’ll be haptic feedback. This mainly means “vibrations, but fancier” — just like the Nintendo Switch has managed with its Joycons. The new controller also features “adaptive triggers” with adjustable resistance on triggers and, seemingly, joysticks. This means that if you’re, say, pulling string on a guillotine, the triggers may tighten when the string is taught. There’s also a speaker yet again in the controller. However, Wired did ask about the heavily-speculated microphone, and we don’t have confirmation on that yet.

Patents are also being filed all the time, but Sony told Wired that they don’t actually put all of them to use. That just means we’ll have to pour ourselves over patents versus these leaked PS5 images for now.