PlayStation 4 Update Adds Chat Transcription, Android Remote Play

The upcoming 7.00 patch buffs (and kills) some major PS4 social and remote streaming features.

The first full-number update since about a year ago is hitting the PlayStation 4 consoles very soon. They previously teased and tested new Party features, but now, 7.00 will roll these out to users around the world. With these changes also come some updates to the Remote Play functionality, broadening and improving its usage.

Probably the coolest feature coming out of this update is the Chat Transcription. It’s only for American users at the moment, but it does what’s listed on the box — transcribes your voice chat to text, or lets you enter text to be read out loud to the rest of your party. It’ll be accessible mainly through the mobile PS4 Second Screen App, but it may be worth a spin.

They’re also increasing the number of party members from 8 to 16, which means a lot more yelling in your team deathmatch lobbies. But more yelling is fun! And as another note, they also say they’ve improved connectivity.

PlayStation is also staying on top of their game streaming… game. Their Remote Play functionality will be coming to Android soon, allowing Android users to play most PlayStation 4 games on their phones on the go. This app was already available for PS Vita, PlayStation TV, iPhone, iPad, Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets, and Windows and Mac. The Android app is available on the Google Play store for Xperia, but it’ll likely update when the 7.00 update lands. Phones with Android 5.0 and up will be compatible.

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If you’re opting for a mobile device, your gameplay options have now expanded quite a bit. Players’ wireless DualShock 4 controllers will be usable for Remote Play via Bluetooth on Android, iPhone, iPad and Mac. This was already an option for PC users (and not so useful for Vita users). In other words, you won’t have to mash at the screen in order to navigate your favorite games. However, you’ll need Android 10, iOS 13, iPadOS 13, or the upcoming macOS Catalina for the DualShock 4 functionality.

There’s also a rumor that one major social feature is getting removed: Facebook support. A Reddit poster tried to log into Facebook, but when they reached out to PlayStation support in Asia, they stated the feature was being removed. Chances are there that this is an Asia-only change, but given the neutral language of the customer service message, this may roll out internationally as well. If true, that change looks like it will go into effect today.

The Party changes were beta tested already, but all the changes will roll out this week to all users.