You Can Play With Throne of Eldraine in MTG Arena, as Zendikar Rising Is Revealed

Wizards of the Coast also reveals details about Core Set 2021.

During the reveal livestream for its upcoming set, Magic: The Gathering set, Throne of Eldraine, Wizards of the Coast actually revealed the next four sets coming to MTG Arena. After a ton of speculation, we can now confirm that the Greek mythology themed set Theros and the iconic Zendikar plane will return throughout 2020. Along with these two sets, we also know that new sets called Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths and Core 2021 are on the way somewhere down the line.

For the unfamiliar, Theros was released in physical Magic form in 2013. It revolved around the concept of ancient Greek mythology. Along with a variety of popular Greek monsters and stories — think Medusa and the like — Theros introduced a cycle of indestructible gods. This plane is also the home of Gideon and is the last known resting place of the fearsome white warrior, Elspeth. Since this set will focus on the underworld, we might just see these two come back from the dead!

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MTG Arena – Theros Cycles in, Zendikar Rising Revealed

Ikoria will be the next set after Theros, but so far we know very, very little about this plane. As a completely new world, Ikoria will revolve around giant monsters and the concept of… well, building them. And the Magic Core Set 2021 will instead focus on the temporal time mage, Teferi. We suspect this will follow the same theme as Core Set 2020, which was all about Chandra.

The final set revealed was Zendikar Rising. This familiar sounding collection is slated for a fourth quarter release (i.e. late in the year). Zendikar is easily one of the most important sets in the overarching story of Magic: The Gathering, as it first introduced players to the mighty Eldrazi. These colorless creatures nearly destroyed the entire plane until they were stopped by the Gatewatch. Unlike previous visits to Zendikar, this set is clearly showing us the aftermath of the Eldrazi’s defeat. Pushing the timeline forward is always a nice little bonus in these nostalgic sets, too.

MTG Arena – Brawl Format Details & Throne of Eldraine Cards

Finally, Brawl has officially launched in MTG Arena in a pre-constructed variant. While players currently cannot use their own decks, four new Brawl decks are all available to play with right now. Free to all, players can log onto MTG Arena right now and test these Brawl decks for themselves. This will also be users’ first chance to try out the new Throne of Eldraine cards before they release later this month, too.

If you’re looking for Throne of Eldraine news, make sure to visit our ever-growing feature on the MTG Arena latest set! We just updated it with spoilers for all the new cards shown during this MTG livestream, too, so there’s plenty to see. Until then, thanks a million for checking out our latest MTG Arena news. We’ll continue to keep you posted on any new developments as they come.