Phasmophobia’s Christmas Update Gives Us New Ways to Screw with Demons

And if you're feeling spicy, you can summon one.

Christmas will now be referred to as the most haunted time of the year. In an upcoming Phasmophobia update, developer Kinetic Games is teasing new questions for the Ouija Board, a summoning circle, and tortured voodoo dolls—the perfect additions for the shy undead haunting your high school.

It’s all over on Kinetic’s Trello, with videos posted in Phasmophobia’s official Discord. The hellish holiday expansion is just labeled ‘Christmas [REDACTED] Update’ for now, but it includes notes for something Kinetic labeled ‘Cursed Possessions.’ Right now, those items are the tortured voodoo doll, summoning circle, and two other unknown tools. Players are speculating they’re items you’ll sacrifice your sanity for to lure out ghosts that just don’t want to cooperate. It sounds like a good trade for the more frustrating spookies, but I know I’ll wind up getting hunted immediately when my sanity drops to zilch.

The brief footage of the confirmed items sent my anxiety to new ghost-hunting highs. I love this game to death (ha), but it also makes me relentlessly grind my teeth and cry. I’m ready to do it again, though, when I use voodoo dolls to poke at spirits or a summoning circle to drag out an angry oni in the kitchen sometime this holiday season.

No thank you, I’ll stay in the truck while y’all handle that.

Additional Ouija Board questions are also on the list, but it doesn’t go into any detail about what you can ask. I don’t often say much outside of, “Where are you?” but I reckon it’s pretty cool to get a new selection of things to yell at demons in the dark.

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The ghost investigation game is probably my favorite horror title in years, and Kinetic keeps adding to it after the team’s expansion from a one-person project. I typically take a break from it for a couple of months, only to come back even for the tiniest of tweaks. In August, Phasmophobia delivered its Exposition Update, which was enough to keep me entertained for a while since it completely changed the experience.

As for the Christmas scares, this update is likely one aimed at curbing some of the playerbase’s current frustrations. Phasmophobia’s new difficulty adjustments and bigger ghost roster have made unresponsive spirits more frustrating, and there’s not a whole lot you can do if one decides it’s just not going to show itself. It’s why I’ve largely slacked off on my own paranormal investigations, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed it makes demons more social.


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