People in Pokemon Legends’ Ancient Hisui Had VHS Camcorders

Someone at The Pokemon Company really liked The Blair Witch Project.

The thing with period pieces as video games is that they’re difficult to wrap gameplay contrivances into the narrative in any way. You can’t just put a cellphone in Jin Sakai’s hands and say “Here’s your map of Tsushima, Jin, go nuts.”

Pokemon, though, Pokemon does not care. The upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus, despite taking place in a fictional past setting that is by all appearances ancient Japan, just has cellphones because Game Freak needed the players to have access to functions. Sure, they were cellphones designed and gifted by the Pokemon God, but they’re still straight up phones.

What I am getting at is that technology is basically a free-for-all mishmash in the Pokemon world and a tweet teasing a new Pokemon for Pokemon Legends bears that out.

The video is a found footage-style VHS with just aggressive tracking problem of someone in the Hisui region filming Pokemon. They get really into how cute the Vulpix are and is eventually run off by a Pokemon we don’t really see but appears to be real intimidating.

Pokemon Legends has been revealing a number of new Pokemon over the last month or two, like an evolution of the Scyther line. It seems likely that this teased Pokemon is also going to be an ancient version of an existing Pokemon and you can capture a picture of it on your brand new divine smartphone.


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