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P.T. Was Playable on PS5, But Isn't Any Longer And No One Knows Why

Konami says it's not at fault and Sony is looking into it.

After reports were coming in prior to the PS5’s launch that P.T., the playable teaser for the cancelled Silent Hills, wouldn’t be playable through PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility because it couldn’t be downloaded to the system through the PlayStation Network, several people noted that the endless hallway simulator should have been playable through transferring the file from a PlayStation 4 to a PlayStation 5 console. Well, the PS5 review embargo has lifted, and folks who have their hands on the system early have done some testing. And as it turns out, that solution was once possible for those wanting to keep the delisted game alive on a new system, but it has since been revoked, but developer Konami is pointing fingers at Sony, who is apparently looking into it.

In a report from GamesRadar+, Guides Coordinator Leon Hurley was able to transfer and play P.T. on a PlayStation 5 on October 27. In an effort to recapture the process for a video on November 1, Hurley deleted the game from the PS5 and attempted to transfer it once again, only to be met with an error message saying “you can’t use this PS4 game or app on the PS5.”

As of right now, there’s been no official word on what’s going on or if it’s going to be fixed, but Konami has said it’s something on Sony’s end. However, the console manufacturer has gone on record saying that only ten PS4 games won’t be playable on the PlayStation 5, and P.T. was not among them. Hopefully, now that it’s been brought to Sony’s attention, this can be rectified before the public gets their hands on the PlayStation 5 on November 12.

In other news:

P.T. has been a central figure in discussions around preservation in video games, as publisher Konami delisted the demo after the cancellation of the game it was meant to promote. As such, only systems that had the game downloaded at the time of its delisting have been able to play the game at all. So knowing the game might not be able to move forward with the next generation makes the entire situation a little more precarious, as the game could die off as the few PS4s that still have it installed are replaced or become nonfunctional.

Whatever the case is, it does seem like we might be running into some weird conflicting information when it comes to PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility as we head into launch next week, as even Ubisoft has announced that some of its own games wouldn’t be playable on the new system only to retract that information when it started circulating online. The list included a major Assassin’s Creed game, as well, so it looks like even big games might be questionable at this point.

The PlayStation 5 is just six days away as of this writing, and be on the look-out for Fanbyte’s coverage of it and all its games in the coming days and weeks. If you’re itching for some talk about Spider-Man: Miles Morales, one of the major games launching on the system next week, be sure to check out our review podcast where Niki and Kahlief talk all about Insomniac’s take on Miles Morales and how the character resonates in ways Peter Parker doesn’t.

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