Overwatch Cross-Play Beta is Live, Get to Pushing Payloads

Still no cross-progression, though.

Overwatch’s cross-play beta is live now, so you can now push payloads with all your friends no matter what platform they play on.

All you have to do to access cross-play is create a Battle.net account and link your respective system to the site. This will allow you to add friends through Battle.net, increasing the player pool across the board.

As Blizzard previously said, console players can turn it off if you feel so compelled, but those playing on PC won’t be able to opt out. Competitive play will also still be divided by PC and consoles. Ultimately, turning off cross-play is a net loss because it will result in lengthier queue times, as you’ll only be playing with others who are on your system and aren’t teamed up with anyone on other platforms.

While cross-play is being integrated, cross-progression is still in the works. That means you won’t be able to transfer your skins and other unlocked cosmetics for the time being.

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